UK Available MBA Scholarships For Women

UK Available MBA Scholarships For Women – Apply Now!

UK Available MBA Scholarships For Women.


“Is it worthwhile?” “What can I do with an MBA?” and “Are there any advantages of having an MBA?” – There are lots of women out there who will often raise questions similar to the ones listed above when you suggest that they pursue an MBA degree. This is why we have decided to put together some of the available MBA scholarships for women.

It is not a new thing to know that obtaining an MBA from a reputable university is a huge dream for millions of students out there. Even you reading this, can be one of those ambitious individuals. We know that you have numerous questions about how that can be possible.

Worry not, because, in this article, we will try to comprehensively enlighten you and discuss any issue you may have. But before we go further into details, let us first discuss what an MBA is and why so many people like to go for it.


What Is An MBA?

Just in case you do not know, the Master of Business Administration is a graduate-level curriculum that is meant for individuals with previous work experience. This work experience could be one from lots of different fields. MBAs are mostly for those who want to improve their expertise in business as a whole.

It is widely known that an MBA degree carries substantial value and also, it plays a significant role when it comes to gaining respect from employers worldwide. Having an MBA degree from a place like the Business School of the University of Oxford is definitely something that would be an extra sauce to your CV.

It literally means you are getting a degree from the business school of one of the best universities in the world. As a woman, graduating from Oxford Business School is a huge achievement and boosts your academic standing. It’s one of the top graduate business schools globally, with an excellent academic reputation. It’s actually worth it for anyone looking to achieve their academic goals.

Let us now point out some of the important benefits that come with getting an MBA degree:

  1. A handsome salary after your graduation
  2. The chance to secure a leadership role at your place of work
  3. A robust professional network
  4. Strong knowledge on starting a business from scratch
  5. The exciting aspect of being your own boss
  6. Diverse programs to help out like the MBA scholarships for women

It’s also important that you out in mind the fact that getting an MBA degree from Oxford Business School will surely set you apart in the job market. Not only this, during your study, you’ll also have access to world-class faculties. This in turn brings both practical and research-led coursework into the classroom.


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Available MBA Scholarships For Women

Many women out there often dream of attending the prestigious Oxford Business School in order to get an MBA degree. Unfortunately, high costs and other expenses often prevent them from pursuing this goal. Luckily, some MBA scholarships for women can help with financial burdens and allow students to focus on their academic goals without worrying about expenses.

The Oxford Business School provides a bunch of helpful scholarships to assist women pursuing their MBA, who lack sufficient financial aid. We will be listing some of the available MBA scholarships for women that you can apply for. If you are a woman and you want to study at this institution and you’re also interested in any of these MBA scholarships, please visit the official website.


1.  Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women

The Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women aim to support female candidates of merit and to encourage an increase in women considering senior leadership roles. The scholarships are awarded in order to encourage women to strive for leadership positions in different fields and organizations.

It also plays a role in emphasizing the value of diversity in leadership. One of the main reasons scholarships like these are given out is because they play a vital role in advancing gender equality at work and inspire future generations of women to chase their dreams with confidence, knowing they have support along the way.


Scholarship Amount

Up to two Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in association with the 30% Club will be awarded and it covers 50% of the course fees.


Scholarship Criteria

  1. This MBA scholarship is only available to females
  2. Professional achievement; in particular, evidence of leadership or leadership potential (assessed through CV and the scholarship statement).
  3. A desire to inspire/act as a role model (assessed through the scholarship statement).
  4. A readiness and enthusiasm to become a committed ambassador for the School, representing the School’s values, both whilst on the program and beyond (assessed through the scholarship statement).
  5. Academic achievement (assessed through CV, transcripts, and the scholarship statement).


How To Apply For The Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women

Candidates must submit a complete Executive MBA application and upload a supporting statement (maximum 400 words) in the ‘Funding’ section of the program application form, addressing how they meet the scholarship selection criteria by the deadline to be considered.


Scholarship Deadline

Applications for the Executive MBA Women’s Scholarships are considered at the following stage deadlines:

Stage 1: 13 November 2023

Stage 2: 15 January 2024

Stage 3: 18 March 2024

Stage 4: 13 May 2024

Stage 5: 15 July 2024

When considering applying for Forté Fellowships, it’s important to know that there are resources available to help you navigate the application process and get all the necessary information. The official Forté Fellowship website is a key resource with detailed info about deadlines, eligibility criteria, and other important details.

Women interested in these fellowships should take advantage of opportunities provided by Forté to support their academic and professional goals. These include mentorship programs, networking events, and career development workshops.

Forté Fellowships can provide financial support and professional guidance for women at any point in their academic or career journey. If you’re passionate about pursuing your dreams and making a difference in your field as a woman, check out the official Forté Fellowship website today!


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2. Forté Fellowships for women

Next on the list of MBA scholarships for women is the Forté Fellowships for women. Since 2013, the business school of Oxford University has partnered with Forté, a non-profit working to launch women into successful and significant careers. Powered through the Rewley Fund, it offers exceptional female candidates a Forté Fellowship to support their studies.

Through Forté’s alliance of leading companies, top schools, and pioneering donors, this institution empowers women to rise higher. Along with the prestige of receiving this funding, fellows gain access to the Forté network, a community of 100,000+ motivated and inspiring women changing the balance of power in the workplace, and a range of other exclusive benefits.


Scholarship Amount

Three scholarships will be awarded to deserving candidates based on specific criteria. Each scholarship is worth £30,000, providing significant financial assistance for education. Meeting the selection committee’s standards is crucial for eligibility and increasing chances of receiving this prestigious award. Interested applicants should take note and meet the requisite criteria thoroughly.


Additional Benefits of The Forté Fellowships for Women

Additional benefits that come with being an awardee of this MBA scholarship for women are as follows:

  1. Join a network of peers in top business schools across the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  2. Free professional resources, leadership webinars, and workshops.
  3. Access to the Forté Access Network, an online networking community for Forté Fellows and Fellow alumni.
  4. Access to the network-building Forté Fellow LinkedIn group.
  5. Inclusion in the annual Forté Fellow corporate partner resume book.
  6. Special invitations for job openings and leadership programs at Forté partner companies.
  7. Invitation to the Forté Pre-MBA Leadership Conference.
  8. Lifetime Premium Access Pass to Forté.


Scholarship Criteria

Before you can be eligible for this MBA scholarship for women, you should note the following criteria:

  1. It’s only open to females
  2. Academic achievement and excellence, demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE score, previous university prizes and awards, and other academic achievements.
  3. Candidates should demonstrate exemplary leadership skills in one or more of the following areas: academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, and creative leadership.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to Forte’s mission of launching women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women.
  5. Preference may be given to candidates who have taken part in the Forté MBALaunch program.


How To Apply for The Forté Fellowships for Women

Applying to the Oxford Business School for an MBA program is simple. No extra application is needed at all because all the required information will be gathered from your MBA application form. This efficient process allows you to focus on providing accurate and comprehensive details in your initial submission without worrying about additional forms or paperwork.

The admissions team at Oxford Business School evaluates each applicant’s qualification based on the information provided in their MBA application form. So, once you submit your MBA application form just be calm, you are on your way towards being considered for admission into one of Oxford’s prestigious business programs.



As a woman interested in applying for the Forté Fellowships, we advise that you keep an eye on the deadline. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Rest assured that all the information you need is available on the official website. There, you’ll find extra information regarding application procedures, eligibility criteria and much more.

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