University of Bristol PhD Scholarships for International Students

University of Bristol PhD Scholarships for International Students (Apply Now!)

University of Bristol PhD Scholarships for International Students.


When it comes to furthering one’s education abroad, there are lots of students out there who do not have enough access to information regarding how they can easily be an international student at a university of their choice. It’s no news that student loans, grants, and also PhD scholarships for international students tend to come in handy when it comes to supporting several students around the globe.

These students are those who do not have enough financial capabilities to keep up with study costs, tuition expenses, and other things related to the cost of living. The unfortunate thing with this is that there are also plenty of students out there who are indirectly forced to shut down their dreams of studying at top universities like the University of Bristol, due to financial inconvenience.

Just so you know, it would cost you about £15,000 to £20,000 to study at the University of Bristol as an international student and if you ask us, that is actually a lot of money. That amount of money does seem huge and we know there are lots of people who are already uncomfortable or worried about it but you should worry less, because this article is here to help.

Are you a student who is currently seeking a way that would be sure to help you further your education in the United Kingdom, at a university like the University of Bristol? Do you want to be substantially updated on some of the available scholarships that would make your education abroad easier? If yes, then you should waste no time in hopping on this train of ours as we discuss a list of these available scholarships from the University of Bristol.

Before we go any further into the list of PhD scholarships for international students, let us talk about why as a student, you should have the University of Bristol amongst your choice of international study institutions.


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Why Study at the University of Bristol?

At the start of each academic year, the University of Bristol takes in thousands of students who are readily up for a means to achieve academic excellence. Since the formation of this university, first as Merchant Venturers School centuries ago in 1595, this great institute of learning has done its best to see that it remains one of the most astounding and respectable universities we have in the United Kingdom.

After the University of Bristol gained its university status by royal charter in 1909, it produced CEOs, great professors, scientists, widely recognized business owners, and several other astounding personalities. It is sometimes argued that this university could actually be on par with some of the top universities we have in the UK which includes the University of Leicester, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of London, and many more.

When it comes to delivering vast amounts of knowledge in several fields of study, this university doesn’t seem to lag. The fields of science, geography, arts, sociology, philosophy, linguistics, Economics, accounting, and finance – aforementioned fields of study from the University of Bristol have produced individuals who are effectively reshaping our world as we speak.

As a student at the University of Bristol, you get the golden opportunity to be a beneficiary of a responsive system of learning, a positive learning environment, lots of intelligent and very skilled tutors, a wide variety of postgraduate opportunities, and also supportive programs that award PhD scholarships for international students.

This university has remained one of those universities in England that try their best when it comes to ensuring that admitted students gain their degrees without much discomfort. The University of Bristol has been recorded as a frequent choice amongst several students (both international and domestic) when it comes to selecting a university to further their studies.

Now, for those who are very interested in the PhD scholarship for international students that the University of Bristol offers, some of these helpful scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, do well to visit the official websites.


1. Bristol Postgraduate Research Scholarships

The University of Bristol and the Faculty of Arts are pleased to be able to offer a number of PhD Scholarships for international students demonstrating exceptional research potential. Scholarships are available for up to four years (full-time) or eight years (part-time), subject to satisfactory progress of the Scholar’s research project.

This PhD scholarship for international students aims to attract, recruit, and retain students with different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives because diversity remains integral to the university’s success. Candidates for all scholarships demonstrating academic excellence from low-income backgrounds and non-Russell group universities, as well as Black, Asian, minority ethnic, mixed heritage, Trans, Non-Binary, and disabled candidates, are strongly encouraged to apply


Scholarship Amount

Full-time PhD Scholarships will include tuition fees and a maintenance grant (stipend) in line with UKRI fees. The stipend rates for 2024-25 are at least £18,622 for four years (full-time) or eight years pro rata (part-time), depending on satisfactory progress. Each student will also have £2000 per annum to be spent on associated research costs.

Please note that this funding is for new students starting in September 2024. Unfortunately, the university cannot consider applications from current students already enrolled on a PhD course or from MPhil students wishing to upgrade to a PhD.



Before you consider this PhD scholarship meant for international students note the following:

  • You are required to meet the standard admissions requirements for the PhD course you are applying
  • The applicant will demonstrate promise for doctoral study
  • Received an offer of study which must be accepted before or at the same time as receiving any offer of award.

For Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA): 

  • The applicant will demonstrate promise for doctoral study and promise for teaching at the undergraduate level
  • Have applied for a campus-based PhD course. Due to the teaching contract, the university is unable to consider Distance Learning applications as teaching will take place on campus;
  • Please note that proof of the right to work in the UK will be required upon issuing of the teaching contract. For overseas applicants who would require a Student Visa/Tier 4 Visa there a few additional rules:
  • Students holding a Student visa/Tier 4 Visa are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week in total (this includes any contracts within or outside of the university). Hours spent teaching as a GTA count toward this limit. GTAs Holding a Student/Tier 4 Visa must read the information provided here.
  • For any questions about Student/Tier 4 Visas, please contact one of the university’s student visa advisers at



2. Postgraduate Research Scholarships – Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to offer the following fully funded PhD scholarships in support of the brightest students from across the globe. You will have the opportunity to complete your PhD program under the supervision of our internationally recognized and respected researchers.

The University of Bristol is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and encourages applications from across the world and from minoritised and under-represented backgrounds. All applications, whether requiring home or overseas fees, will receive equal consideration.


Scholarship Amount

The postgraduate research Scholarships for the faculty of engineering at the University of Bristol are split into two; The main University of Bristol Scholarship and then the EPSRC DTP scholarship.


Bristol Scholarship:

  • Quantity of Available Scholarships: Twelve
  • Duration of Funding: Four years
  • Stipend Amount: Aligned with the UKRI rate – £18,622 for 23/24
  • Tuition Fees: Applicable to Home or Overseas students (30% of the total cohort may be Overseas)


EPSRC DTP Scholarship:

  • Quantity of Available Scholarships: Twenty
  • Duration of Funding: Three and a half years
  • Stipend Amount: Consistent with the UKRI rate – £18,622 for 23/24
  • Tuition Fees: Applicable to Home or Overseas students (30% of the total cohort may be Overseas)



The University of Bristol highly encourages candidates to apply for research projects that correspond with the subsequent themes, among others:

  • Health and well-being
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Energy and environment
  • Networks and security
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science
  • Materials engineering and manufacturing
  • Robotics and autonomy
  • Advanced computation as well as quantum technology.


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3. Bristol Postgraduate Research Scholarships – Faculty of Science

Next on the list of PhD scholarships for international students is the Bristol Postgraduate Research Scholarships from the Faculty of Science.

The Faculty of Science is inviting talented scholars from around the world to apply for 12 fully funded PhD scholarships. These scholarships will provide exceptional students with the opportunity to work with our renowned researchers and explore cutting-edge research topics in their fields.

The University of Bristol hopes that these individuals will contribute new knowledge and insights that have the potential to transform industries, societies, and even the world at large. The goal of this PhD scholarship for international students is not only to support academic excellence but also to promote diversity by welcoming bright minds from all over the planet.


Scholarship Amount

This PhD scholarship for international students covers fees, a stipend at UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) rates (£18,622 per year in 2023/24) for living expenses and up to £2000 per year for research expenses, for up to four years.



Applications for research projects must align with at least one of the following themes:

  • Climate and environmental research challenge
  • Digital and data research challenge
  • Equitable and sustainable health
  • Social justice research challenge
  • Funding
  • Output in English

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