Online MBA Programs With Full Scholarships

Online MBA Programs With Full Scholarships

Online MBA Programs With Full Scholarships.

Without a survey, you can easily tell that there are a multitude of individuals who often dream or wish to get an MBA degree from universities based in the US. Unfortunately, tough life challenges and hurdles make them give up on this dream. Are you part of those people? Do you regularly think about how you can attain an online MBA degree from the US? If yes, then buckle up as we shall be looking at some online MBA programs with full scholarships.

Every year, several business schools and colleges based in the United States of America, take in lots of students who wish to go for their MBA degree. The US is a country that is home to some of the most renowned business schools in the world. This, and other several obvious reasons are why students would often opt for schools in the US when it comes to furthering their business education.

An MBA degree from a credible business school would definitely be a boost to your CV and career. We know you may have lingering questions concerning why that is so, but further down this article, we will delve a bit into some of the benefits that come with having an MBA degree from the US.
Unluckily, there are lots of students out there with great aspirations concerning getting their MBA degrees but cannot do so due to financial situations. Most of the time, they do not have enough financial aid or strength to keep up with the cost of getting an MBA and also other expenses that have to do with studies. This is where online MBA programs with full scholarships come into play.

But before we dive into the list of these online MBA programs with full scholarships, let’s break down what an MBA truly is and why getting one online is a better option.

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What’s An MBA? Why Is Getting One Online A Better Option?

There are a couple of individuals who have frequently heard about an MBA but do not even know what it actually is and how it helps academically. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) is actually a postgraduate program for individuals with substantial work experience in a field who want to gain more knowledge about business practices.
Universities like the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and Columbia University offer MBA programs that can benefit students greatly. Just think about the idea of studying at one of these schools. Now give a huge thought towards what it’d feel like if you had a degree from one of those schools. Now, couple that with the thought of online MBA programs with full scholarships.
In case you are worried about whether your online MBA degree will be seen as a valid one other than one earned in person, worry less. The online degree is still the same as one earned in person, there is literally no difference. If they aren’t regarded as valid degrees, then business schools out there wouldn’t even bother to offer them to students.
An online MBA. program is definitely something you should go for if you are the kind of individual who cannot separate time for studies and has something to do at the time of study. People who live afar, nursing mothers, or even students who are going for two different degrees at once, will find this beneficial.
Let us now dive into the list of online MBA programs with full scholarships, which you can apply for. If you eventually become a successful awardee of any of these scholarships, getting your online MBA will be easy.

1. Kelley Direct Online MBA Program

First on our list of online MBA programs with full scholarships is the Kelley Direct Online MBA program. Earning an online MBA is a major investment of both your time and money. Kelley Direct offers a range of scholarship opportunities that can help you attain your MBA with comfort. The best part of this is that they let you know how much scholarship funding you’ll be awarded before you decide to enroll.

Scholarship Amount

After completing your admissions interview, your admissions counselor will send you a link to the scholarship application. You must complete the application to be considered for one or more scholarships for your online MBA. The maximum total amount of scholarship funds awarded is $25,000. Should a student receive multiple awards, the grand total will not exceed $25,000.

Other online MBA programs with full scholarships that the Kelly Business School offers include:

  1. Forte Fellowships: Kelley Direct is thrilled to be a Forté Fellowship partner, supporting the foundation’s mission of empowering women in business. Through top-notch education and valuable networking opportunities, Forté Fellows have access to leading companies and a vast network of like-minded professionals.
  2. Inclusion & Belonging Scholarship: Inclusion &Belonging Scholarship: The Kelley School of Business and the Kelley Direct program aim to boost the presence of students from underrepresented groups in business education and corporate settings.
  3. Military Service Scholarship: Kelly Business School, recognized by U.S. News &World Report as one of the best online MBA programs for veterans, offers this scholarship to current or former US military members. They also accept many forms of military tuition assistance, including Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.
  4. Kelley Direct Momentum Scholarship: To be considered for this award, applicants must have strong professional and academic accomplishments and embody the Kelley Direct values—leadership, global and civic engagement, inclusion, innovation, and collaboration. You must also show a commitment to the Kelley Direct community and its success.



The eligibility requirements for the Kelley Direct Online MBA program and other scholarships they offer may differ. But note that the following application components make up your complete Kelley Direct Online MBA application:

  • Kelley Direct Program Application Form
  • Admissions interview
  • GMAT/GRE scores optional
  • Scholarship application
  • Indiana University Graduate School Application (include your personal statement and recommendations)
  • Official test scores and transcripts



Online MBA programs with full scholarships like the Kelley Direct Online MBA programs are the type of programs you should keep an eye out for. Application for the Kelley Direct Online MBA program will actually end by May 1st, for Fall 2024 class.


2. ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship

Nedtvon our list of online MBA programs with full scholarships is the ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship. The ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship is a joint effort between prominent business school programs and Reaching Out to develop the out LGBTQ+ business leaders of tomorrow. Each Fellow receives a minimum $20,000 scholarship and access to exclusive leadership programming, including a retreat to kick off the Fellowship.


Scholarship Amount

Unlike other online MBA programs with full scholarships, the ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship comes with a ton of benefits which are as follows:

  • Monetary Scholarship (school dependent, minimum $20,000)
  • Additional event stipends available through the James Robertson LGBTQ+ Student Access Fund
  • Exclusive Fellowship Retreat for Incoming Fellows
  • Opportunity to network with a cohort of 100+ Fellows, alumni, club leaders, and corporate partners
  • City Tours
  • Presentation on Reaching Out and Fellowship Benefits
  • LGBTQ+ Leadership Development Workshop led by Reaching Out
  • Hotel accommodations provided by ROMBA
  • Profiles Highlighted on ROMBA Website
  • Free Admission to all ROMBA events during MBA
  • FellowshipRetreat (July)
  • ROMBA Conference (September/October)
  • Out Women in Business Conference (March)
  • Club Leadership Summit (April)
  • Additional Resume Book Exposure for ROMBA
  • A Fellows Resume book is compiled for top corporate partners at ROMBA so that they can be contacted for job/internship opportunities.
  • Receive additional exposure to companies that can be added to their applicant file.
  • Priority Consideration for Organizing Team Leadership Opportunities
  • ROMBA Team
  • Club Leadership Summit Team
  • Out Women in Business Conference Team
  • Leadership/Professional Development
  • Webinars
  • Regional Events
  • Informal Mentoring
  • Job and Internship Placement
  • Transition to Business School



For any information regarding the deadline for the ROMBA LGBTQ+ Fellowship and other online MBA programs with full scholarships, we advise that you visit the official website for more details.


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3. AAUW International Fellowships

Last on our list of online MBA programs with full scholarships, is the AAUW International Fellowships. This program has been around since 1917 and offers support to non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident women who are pursuing full-time graduate or postdoctoral studies in the United States, with plans to return home and pursue a professional career.
Scholarship Amount

The AAUW International Fellowships offer scholarships of up to $20,000 for Master’s/first professional degree programs. However, only a few awards are available for international study (excluding the applicant’s home country) to women who belong to Graduate Women International (check the list of GWI affiliates). These fellowships support graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited institutions in the United States.



The AAUW has specific requirements to be met before candidates are awarded scholarships. Some of these criteria are:

  • International Fellowships are not open to previous recipients of any AAUW national fellowship or grant (not including branch or local awards or Community Action Grants).
  • Members of the AAUW board of directors, committees, panels, task forces, and staff, including current interns, are not eligible to apply for AAUW’s fellowships and grants.
  • A person holding a current award is eligible for election or appointment to boards, committees, panels, and task forces.
  • International Fellowships are open to women, including people who identify as women, in all fields of study at an accredited institution of higher education or, for postdoctoral fellows, research. AAUW will make final decisions about what constitutes eligible institutions.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may reapply.
  • Hold an academic degree (earned in the U.S. or abroad) equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree completed by the application deadline.

We advise that you visit the official website for more eligibility information.


The deadline for online submission of application, recommendations, and supporting documents is stated to be on November 15, 2023, by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.


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