U.S PhD In Public Health Fully Funded Scholarships

U.S PhD In Public Health Fully Funded Scholarships

U.S. Public Health PhD Scholarships: Fully Funded Programs


There are lots of individuals out there who have different choices of postgraduate degrees they wish to go for. Oftentimes, when they’re recommended a Ph.D. in public health, they mostly ignore the idea. But for those interested we’ve decided to put together some PhD in public health fully funded scholarships, which you can apply for.

Are you one of those individuals, currently considering pursuing a PhD at universities and institutions in the United States? Do you always dream of bagging a postgraduate degree from any of the credible universities based in the US? If yes, then you are just at the right place.

The USA is no doubt, one of the countries around the globe that have an abundant amount of reputable universities and colleges. Educational institutions there have a unique style of tutoring and learning which often involves exposing students to different perspectives, opinions, learning aspects, and many more.

Just imagine yourself working together with well-trained professors and fellow scholars who are bent on changing the world by studying deeply with groundbreaking research. High-standard facilities, skilled tutors, inclusivity, and lots more; are the kind of benefits one gets with going for a PhD in the US.

All that we have mentioned aren’t even that enticing. The best part about it all is the PhD in public health is fully funded by scholarships and grants. With these, you can direct all your energy towards studying and researching without worrying about expenses.

They most of the time, cover tuition fees, living expenses as well as research costs. The cost of research is often a major issue for PhD students. Before we actually look into the PhD in public health fully funded scholarships, let’s first understand what this PhD is all about.


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PhD In Public Health And What It Entails

Many have heard of it, received recommendations concerning it, or rejected it but in all, they’ve mostly not looked deep into what it is actually about. A PhD in Public Health is an advanced degree that prepares individuals for research careers, making policies, and even leadership within the field of public health.

Unlike other normal degrees like a Master of Public Health (MPH), which often focuses on practical skills and application, a PhD in Public Health is majorly concerned with theoretical knowledge, and research methodology, and is mostly about just original research.

In a doctoral program for public health studies, students get to dive deep into various aspects of this broad field. They check out topics such as epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy, social and behavioral sciences as well as global health. Anything that touches the face of public health can be studied during a PhD program.

The world we live in today has a lot of public health issues that are often undermined, overlooked, and not even discussed about. By taking a deep study into those public health issues, Ph.D. students can be able to learn how to conduct research studies while interpreting data results.

Also, it is worth noting that as a Ph.D. student, you can frequently collaborate with faculty mentors on research projects while working alongside interdisciplinary teams to address other public health challenges. This provides you the opportunity to teach others about your findings or even present your work at conferences.

All that we have discussed would definitely sound pleasant to aspiring Ph.D. students out there. Let us now look into phd in public health fully funded scholarships which you can apply for.



1. The NBNA Annual Scholarships

First on our list of PhD in public health fully funded scholarships, is the NBNA annual scholarship. The National Black Nurses Association is committed to supporting and promoting the education of future healthcare professionals, and these scholarships are just one way they achieve that goal

These prestigious awards are available to students at all levels, from those pursuing a Licensed Practical Nursing degree to those striving for a Doctorate in Public Health. Whether you’re starting on your academics or just looking to further your education, the NBNA annual scholarships offer an excellent opportunity for you to pursue your dreams without worrying about financial burdens.


Scholarship Amount

Each year, the NBNA awards a handful of PhD in public health fully funded scholarships to eligible candidates. This scholarship will cover a lot including a value range of $1,000 – $15,000.

Other sub-scholarships under this particular scholarship are as follows:

  • Abbott Scholarship Fund
  • Arizona College of Nursing Scholarship
  • Aya Healthcare Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • BAND AID® BRAND Black Healthcare Heroes in Nursing Scholarship
  • Dorothy B. Martin Scholarship
  • Daisy Harmon-Allen Scholarship
  • Eric J. Williams Scholarship
  • Kenya Williams Health Policy Leadership Scholarship
  • Lauranne Sams Scholarship
  • Lola Denise Jefferson Scholarship
  • Martha A. Dawson Genesis Scholarship, and many more.


Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible for the NBNA annual scholarships, candidates must:

  • Must be a member of NBNA and a member of a local chapter (if one exists in your area). If a chapter does not exist within a 50-mile radius of your location you may join NBNA as a Direct Member.
  • Candidate must be currently enrolled in a nursing program (LPN/LVN, ADN, RN-BSN, Generic BSN, Masters, Doctorate) and have good scholastic standing at the time of application.
  • Applicant must have at least one full year of school remaining.

Candidates must also provide the following:

  • Official Transcript(s) from an accredited School of Nursing
  • Two-page / 500-word maximum Personal Statement / Essay
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation (1) from the Dean/Faculty member (must include enrollment and expected date of graduation), and (2) from the Chapter President/Vice President (validating the application information is correct)
  • Resume or CV (5-page maximum)
  • Letter from the Registrar verifying enrollment and expected graduation date
  • A clean/clear professional headshot.
  • Additional items to accompany the application in support of the candidate’s eligibility and desirability may include documented evidence of participation in student nurse activities, and
  • involvement in the African American community, i.e., letters, news clippings, awards, and certificates.



The NBNA scholarship is an annual one with different scholarships having different deadlines. We advise you to check out the official website for more.


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2. Ph.D. in Health Sciences – Rocky Mountain University

Next on our list of PhD in public health fully funded scholarships, is the Rocky Mountain University Health Science scholarship. The Foundation Board of Directors at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is sponsoring a scholarship program for Ph.D. in Health Science students.

This opportunity will provide financial support to deserving students to help them achieve their academic goals. The board recognizes the importance of investing in the next generation of healthcare professionals and is honored to play a role in helping these bright minds reach their full potential. With this scholarship, students can be confident that they are helped and have the full support of a dedicated team committed to supporting them every step of the way.


Scholarship Amount

Numerous scholarships valued at $750 each are going to be available for Ph.D. candidates who have enrolled successfully in their respective programs and can prove a legitimate financial need. You should also keep in mind that this scholarship may only be awarded to students once per academic year, this allows for a fair allocation amongst all the qualified applicants.



There are PhD in public health fully funded scholarships like these that have criteria that must be met. The criteria and other important details for this scholarship are as follows:

  • Scholarships are reserved for enrolled PhD students of the RMUoHP who are in good academic standing.
  • Scholarship applications are available via Award Spring and can be accessed by clicking on the link, on the scholarship home page.
  • You will need to fill in the fields of the electronic application. You will also need to submit an essay describing your financial need, interests, and goals relative to the PhD program.
  • Students must be admitted to RMUoHP and registered for a full-time class schedule to apply (including online or Independent Study courses).
  • Students in either the didactic or dissertation phases of the program are eligible. Those who are selected for a scholarship will be required to maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation.
  • If you are a Financial Aid recipient, receiving any scholarship will affect your Cost of Attendance (COA), and it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if you are selected for an award.
  • Should you be awarded a scholarship from any source (internal or external), take time to send the institution a “Thank You” letter.
  • Scholarship awardees will be notified within 60 days of the receipt of their completed application. Scholarship funds will be awarded on or after the add/drop deadline of each semester.
  • Scholarships are not automatically renewed.



There will be two periods of time throughout the year that this scholarship will be open for applications. They will be accepted on November and July 1st till the 15th of each month, the deadlines for each of these application periods will be the 15th of the months stated on the schedule.

Dates concerning Phd in public health fully funded scholarships like this one are to be looked out for, so that applicants or candidates would eventually not miss out on them. We advise that you visit the official website often, to take note of important changes (if any may be made later on).

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