US MBA Scholarships For African Students

US MBA Scholarships For African Students – Apply Now!

US MBA Scholarships For African Students


There are lots of students of African descent out there who always aspire to study in the United States of America. Each year, a significant amount of African students receive admission from several universities and institutions, in order to study for different fields. MBA scholarships for African students are one helpful factor and we’d tell you why.

It is no news that the cost of education has been on the rise, there are lots of people out there who are now MBA dropouts. One of the major reasons why this is occurring is because of a lack of financial aid. This has, unfortunately, led to many students not being able to afford their school fees and eventually leaving MBA programs.

Lack of financial aid is definitely a contributing factor to this issue. Many students out there simply cannot shoulder the burden of student loans and several other expenses without some form of assistance. If you are reading this then you shouldn’t worry much about all these because there are many African students already considering pursuing an MBA degree in the USA.

Many of them consider it as something worth all the effort and stress. It’s like an investment for their future careers You too can be a part of this, as some various organizations and institutions provide financial aid for those who qualify. We shall be looking into some MBA scholarships for African students.

These scholarships have been provided by thoughtful organizations, schools, and institutions that wish to help everyone (especially students of African descent). But let’s first talk about why one, as an African student, should study in the United States of America.


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Why Study In The USA As An African?

The United States of America is home to some of the best reputable universities and business schools. It is a nation renowned for its respected institutions if learning which rank among the finest in the world. From Ivy League institutions to public universities, the U.S. provides a whole lot of educational opportunities for students from all corners of the globe.

These establishments in the US are known for their strong academic programs, well-regarded faculty members, cutting-edge research facilities, and diverse student communities. It is also worth noting that graduates from these excellent institutions have become leaders in their fields and made significant contributions to society and the global economy.

The United States is also known for producing a large number of graduates each year who play an important role in boosting the country’s economy. With its great reputation for academic excellence and excellent institutions, it’s not surprising that many African students out there even choose to pursue their education in America.

These highly skilled graduates often make significant contributions to various sectors of the economy which in turn, improves innovation and growth. They don’t just benefit from the top-notch education they receive, they also add value to their communities and the entire nation. This is one thing that shows the US commitment to providing quality education which pays off with highly capable graduates who are important in shaping the future.

Unluckily there are a ton of African students out there who are left out from all of these feats and benefits mentioned above. Most of the time due to financial burdens, they often shut down their dreams of studying at the US. Fortunately, there are a bunch of helpful MBA scholarships for African students which can be a helping hand.



1. Wharton MBA – Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship

First on the list of MBA scholarships for African students is the Wharton School attracts one of the most culturally, geographically, and professionally diverse student bodies of any leading business school.  This diversity is a vital part of education at Wharton as it develops a broad and deep understanding of leadership that is increasingly important in today’s enterprises.

Wharton recognizes that in order to maintain the student body’s rich diversity, it must ensure that the top applicants, regardless of background, have the financial resources they need to attend the School. To that end, financial aid is one of the school’s highest priorities. MBA scholarships for African students like the Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship, play a vital role.

The scholarship is named after Dr. Howard E. Mitchell, Sr., who was a psychologist by training. Among his many specializations, he also excelled in management and organizational behavior; human resources development; management of a culturally diverse workforce; and corporate social responsibility.

Upon joining the faculty of Penn’s School of Medicine in 1955, Dr. Mitchell became only the second black faculty member employed by the University and served as an assistant professor of family study in psychiatry. Following his retirement in 1992, a fellowship was established in his honor – The Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship.

Sadly, Dr. Mitchell passed away at age 78 in 1999 and his family requested that contributions be directed to this fellowship instead of flowers. In recent years, more companies have recognized the importance of genuine diversity within their workforces and have joined forces with the fund to support MBA scholarships for African students like this one.


Scholarship Amount

Specifically designed to attract the best MBA candidates to Wharton, the Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship is currently supported by a pool of fellowship dollars from the School and corporate and foundation donors. These MBA scholarships for African students are funded by this and several other means.

Partnering with corporations and foundations that are interested in engaging top-tier students allows Wharton to give annually 10 merit-based, full-tuition awards to extraordinary students, with a preference for underrepresented groups (African Americans, Native American, Hispanics, and women).    Corporate sponsorship provides critical support to these talented and deserving Mitchell Fellows.

  • Extra Sponsorship Opportunities

MBA scholarships for African students often come with extra benefits. Sponsorship of the Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship entails membership in an exclusive, tightly-knit group of business leaders. Benefits include:

  • Connections with Wharton MBA students, including reports and resumes of Mitchell Fellow recipients
  • Sponsorship listing in the School’s annual report to investors
  • Recognition at the annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference, sponsored by the African American MBA Association (AAMBAA)
  • A single entry point to resources across the Wharton School, including more than 200 faculty and 25 research centers across 12 academic disciplines
  • Renewable annually, sponsorship at this level also establishes a company as a member of the Wharton Partnership, the school’s primary vehicle for fostering industry-academic collaboration
  • Wharton Partners are recognized on the Wharton Partnership website and other prominent signage and promotional materials
  • Partners enjoy a high degree of visibility across the school, as well as scheduling priority in student recruitment during the year of their partnership

For more information about the Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship, please contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office or visit the official website


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2. MPOWER MBA Scholarship

Next on the list of MBA scholarships for African students is the MPOWER MBA Scholarship. MPOWER is thrilled to announce its new MBA scholarship. The scholarship will award up to US$10,000 to support international students pursuing an MBA program at one of the supported schools. Importantly, applicants do not need to be MPOWER borrowers in order to apply.

This scholarship serves as a great chance for African students seeking financial aid to pursue their academic goals in business administration. It’s a highly competitive program that provides valuable assistance to deserving applicants who meet eligibility criteria. The MPOWER MBA Scholarship reflects the organization’s commitment to promoting higher education and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds with opportunities that can help them achieve their full potential.


Scholarship Amount

The MBA scholarship for African students has been announced with a generous prize amount. The total value of the scholarship is as follows: A grand prize of $10,000 and two honorable mentions worth $2,000 each. This opportunity aims to support and motivate African students who are eager to pursue an MBA degree program.

The grand prize winner will receive a sizable sum that can assist them in paying for their tuition fees, housing expenses, and other related costs. Moreover, the two honorable mention recipients will also be granted a decent amount that can aid them in their academic journey.


Eligibility Requirements

Before you begin to consider applying for these MBA scholarships for African students, you should take note of the following. You must:

  1. Be admitted to, or enrolled in, a full-time MBA degree program at a U.S. or Canadian school that MPOWER supports, and
  2. Be an international student permitted to legally study in the U.S. or Canada, as applicable.

For study in the U.S., this means that the applicant must meet one of these criteria:

  1. Has a valid visa that permits study in the U.S., or
  2. Is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

The requirements listed above must be taken seriously as any candidate that does not meet the criteria may eventually not stand a chance to be an awardee of this MBA scholarship.


Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the MPOWER MBA Scholarships for African students is said to be in the 30th of June 2024. For more detaiks concerning this scholarship and other MBA scholarships for African students, we advise that you visit the official websites.

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