Scholarships For Masters Degree In The US - Apply Now!

Scholarships For Masters Degree In The US – Apply Now!

Scholarships For Masters Degree In The US.

The United States is a nation that has a ton of benefits to offer students from all over the world, with many prestigious universities and a wide variety of academic fields to choose from. Not to mention the fact that there are lots of helpful scholarships for masters degree students, which we are going to be looking into further in this article.

Without a doubt, the USA is a place where personal growth and academic development are part of the major focus. Universities, colleges, and even business schools have a unique style of teaching and learning which often involves exposing students to different cultures, perspectives, learning aspects, and many more.

If you are a student out there who is currently considering the idea of going for a masters degree in the US, then you are in for a lot. The United States is a country that produces a significant amount of masters graduates every year. They are also given the chance to create job opportunities and strong career networks for themselves.

Although, the whole process of pursuing a masters degree in the US can seem like an enormous challenge, the reward that comes after all the effort is definitely worth it. Pursuing a masters degree across various fields at different universities and institutions nationwide is an investment in your future success.

We know there are lots of aspiring students out there who may not have enough financial aid in order to go for their masters degree. Don’t worry; financial support is available for eligible candidates through organizations and institutions. We will soon go into some of the scholarships for masters degrees which you can apply for. But first, let’s discuss why lots of students consider embarking on their Masters journey in the US.


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Why Graduates Go For Masters Degree In The US

Many graduates choose to pursue masters degree in the United States for various reasons which include career advancement and also personal growth. As we all know, the job market has a lot of tough competition and it also requires higher qualifications. This makes a master’s degree almost necessary for certain fields.

Industries like technology, finance, and healthcare often go for candidates with advanced degrees due to their specialized knowledge and skills. Also, getting a masters degree can lead to increased earning potential. Statistics often show that individuals with masters degrees tend to earn more throughout their lifetimes unlike others.

It’s worth noting that gaining your masters degree allows you to expand your expertise in specific fields or even explore new areas of interest. Many programs actually offer opportunities for research, internships, and practical experience which enable students to develop invaluable skills and networks within their industries.

Additionally, international students who obtain masters degree in the United States of America get to gain access to diverse academic environments. The top-notch credible universities and research institutions that are based in the US also offer high-standard resources, well-trained tutors, helpful, scholarships for masters degree, and conducive learning environments which are also coupled with different cultural experiences.

The major reasons graduates choose Masters Degree in America are:

  • To enhance career prospects while being competitive in the job market
  • Increase earnings potential over time
  • Accessing diverse academic environments through prestigious institutions
  • Developing practical skills through research work, internships among others
  • A ton of scholarships for masters degrees to apply for

If you are reading this right now and you are on the idea of going for your masters in the US via scholarships for masters degree, this article will be of great benefit to you.



1. ICSP Scholarships at University of Oregon USA

First on our list of scholarships for masters degree is the ICSP Scholarship at the University of Oregon USA. The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) is a scholarship opportunity for international students with financial need and exceptional merit. The program provides financial assistance and requires recipients to engage in cultural service activities.

ICSP scholars share their knowledge of their home country through presentations and outreach to various groups within the University of Oregon community, including children, community organizations, faculty, staff, and fellow students. This promotes cross-cultural understanding and appreciation while enriching the experiences of ICSP scholars themselves.


Scholarship Amount

Scholarships for masters degree like this one are often for international students who demonstrate financial need and exceptional merit. The ICSP program at University of Oregon USA will offer a partial tuition waiver scholarship. The ICSP scholarship is also renewable each year to completion of a University of Oregon degree, provided the student follows the requirements of the ICSP program.


Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarships for masters degree often come with specific criteria that must be met. Criteria for this one include:

  • Applicants must be admissible or fully admitted to the University of Oregon.
  • Applicants cannot be U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or eligible to receive U.S. federal financial assistance.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need and meet the minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement.
  • ICSP students agree to complete 66-80 hours per year of cultural service as required by the program.


How To Apply?

In order to be considered for a scholarship at the University of Oregon, it is necessary to first apply for admission. Keep an eye on your email inbox as you will receive an invitation to access the UO Scholarship Dashboard within one week of submitting your application.

Once inside the dashboard, you will need to complete and submit three applications: General Application, ISSS Endowed Scholarships Application, and ICSP Scholarship Application along with reference letters.


Scholarship Deadline

Courses start by Fall 2024. Regarding the actual deadline for the ICSP Scholarships at the University of Oregon USA, you should visit the official website for more.



2. Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students

If you are visually impaired and you are currently looking for scholarships for masters degree, then this is for you. California State University Los Angeles can support you financially via the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship program if you are admitted to one of its study programmes as an international student.

In 1991, Dale M. Schoettler, a successful entrepreneur from Mountain View, California established a scholarship to help visually impaired students. The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students provides financial support and helps deserving pupils achieve their academic goals despite their disability. This scholarship serves as an inspiration and continues to assist visually impaired scholars nationwide in honor of Mr. Schoettler’s legacy.


Scholarship Amount

The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students is a program that helps students pursuing a master’s degree by reducing tuition fees and providing accommodations. This is amongst those scholarships for masters degree which aim to provide equal access to educational opportunities for visually impaired students who may face unique challenges in their academic pursuits.

It offers benefits similar to other scholarships for master’s degrees but caters specifically to visually impaired individuals looking to further their education and achieve career goals. If you eventually become an awardee you’d definitely note that this is an excellent recommendable opportunity for others with visual impairments seeking higher education.


Scholarship Deadline

Concerning the deadline for the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students, we advise that you visit the official website for more details. There are very few scholarships for masters degree like this one, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.


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3. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Last on our list of scholarships for masters degree is the the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. This program allows graduate students, young professionals, and artists from other countries to study and research in the United States. This program operates in over 160 countries globally, with around 4,000 foreign students receiving Fulbright scholarships every year.

The management of the program is overseen by binational Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies, who handle all applications for the Foreign Student Program. Fulbright


Scholarship Amount

Each year, around 4,000 international students are fortunate enough to receive the prestigious Fulbright scholarship. This incredible opportunity not only covers tuition fees but also includes a generous living stipend, airfare, and health insurance.

The grant is provided for the entire duration of your studies so you can focus entirely on achieving your academic goals without any financial worries. To discover the full range of benefits available to you, we suggest visiting the official website.


Scholarship Eligibility

Before you consider going for scholarships for masters degree, like this one, you should note that the eligibility criteria and selection procedures of the Fulbright Program are different depending on your country.

To learn more about the fully funded masters programs in your homeland, including the requirements for eligibility and application guidelines, check out the official website.


How To Apply

The applications for the Foreign Student Program are handled by either bi-national Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies. Foreign students need to submit their applications through the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or U.S. Embassy in their respective home countries. Don’t just be in a hurry for fully funded masters programs, also carefully check out the instructions given.


Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program actually differs from country to country but it usually falls between February and October every year.

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