How to Wash Squishmallows Step By-Step: (Full Guide)

Your cute squishmallows were manufactured with fabrics, and as such, they get stained and dirty as you continue using them.

So, for you to keep them looking good and neat, the squishmallows need to be taken care of by occasionally cleaning or washing them.

Now, the big question is, how do you wash squishmallows? Or simply put, how to wash squishmallows. 

Well, the good news is that squishmallows are machine washable toys.

However, you will need to be very careful while washing your squishmallows. This is because if you fail to follow the proper steps and instructions on how to wash squishmallows,

If you fail to do so, then you will risk losing the squishmallow shape, which you don’t want. 

The big question now is how to wash the soft plush ich squishmallow; fortunately, the squishmallow are machine washable toys.

How to wash Squishmallows.?

So let us go through the step-by-step guide and the instructions for washing your squishmallows when they get dirty.

We will also walk you through the steps you will follow to clean the squishmallows when they’re dirty.

To wash squishmallow, you need the following items:

  1. washing machine 
  2. pillowcase 
  3. bed sheet
  4. dryer 
  5. detergent

Now the process is incredibly simple and this is it. To wash squishmallows, insert the squishmallows inside a pillowcase.

Put the pillowcase in a bed sheet and put it in the laundry basket of the washing machine.

Start the machine cycle after adding detergent and water.

For proper understanding of the machine washing process, let us take the process step-by-step.

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Dirty Squishmallows Machine Washing Instructions

To wash the dirty squishmallow in the washing machine, follow the instructions in the six steps below.

Step 1: Collect/Gather the Squishmallows

Gather all the dirty squishmallows together on the floor or on the bed, as Michelle did in the picture below.

Now that you have gathered all the squishmallows in one place, you will have to arrange them in accordance with their sizes.

The reason for the arrangement is accommodation purposes, because you are going to stuff them in a pillow case.

how to wash Squishmallows

Step 2: Insert the Squishmallow into the Pillow Case.

The squishmallows should then be placed inside a pillow case before being wrapped in bedding or something similar.The essence of this is to prevent damaging the squish.

Please stuff the squishmallows inside the pillows and then follow the next step.

Step 3. Wrap the pillow case with the bed sheet.

Now get a bed sheet, bedding, or any related material to wrap the stuffed squash mallows inside the pillow case. 

Again, the reason we are wrapping up everything is to reduce the chances of the squishmallow getting damaged or losing its shape.

wash Squishmallows

Step 4. Fill the washing machine with water.

OK, so get your washing machine ready, open the laundry and fill it with cold water. Please do not use hot or warm water.

Please note: hot water or warm water can damage the squishmallow fabrics, and they may lose their uniqueness. You don’t want that to happen.

Step 5. Put the wrapped bedsheet into the machine.

Put the wrapped bed sheet that contains the squishmallows that were stuffed inside the pillowcase into the machine filled with cold water.

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Machine wash Squishmallows

Step 6. Toss the machine.

It’s time to toss the washing machine to start washing the squishmallows. But before you do the following,

Add detergent to the cold water in the washing machine.

Ensure that the washing machine is set to low. Please do not set the machine to high because squishmallows do not like it hot.

Finally, when you are done washing your squishmallows, put the squish into a dryer or air fluff to get them dried.

Again, make sure the dryer is set to low heat, because squishmallows don’t like hot heat.

Warning: Please and please do not use the hair-dryer, electric iron, or any form of hand-held heat appliance to dry the squishmallows. 

Follow all six steps mentioned to wash your squishmallows.

How to clean dirty or stained squishmallows

When your squishmallows have a small stain or have minor dirt,

We recommend you spot clean them with regular wet wipes and stain remover.

To clean a stained squishmallow, take a wet wipe or stain remover and gently rub to clean the stain or dirt.

Continue rubbing the dirty spot until the stain on the squishmallow is completely wiped away.

If the stains prove to be stubborn or refuse to clean, please use the machine washing method.

That’s all you need to do to wash squishmallows or clean dirty squismallows.

Short Video shows how to wash a squishmallows step by step. How to wash a plushie. Source YouTube

Final thought

Thank you for reading our guide on how to wash squishmallows. We hope you find the instructions helpful.

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Please kindly leave a comment below and tell us your experience with washing squishmallows.

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