Todd Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Squishmallows are the trending, softest, cuddliest, and most huggable plush toys available on the North American and European markets right now. The plush toy is perfect for sharing with your friends as well as giving as a present or gift to loved ones. 

In fact, the squishmallows are a great toy for youngsters, teenagers, collectors, and toy enthusiasts of all ages, including adults.

Todd the Chicken Squishmallow is a white rooster squishmallow who looks like a charity squishmallow. Todd’s squishy marshmallow is frequently mistaken for Charity, which is understandable.

Background Story

Todd Squishmallow

According to its background story, Todd is a renowned harmonica hero and the best harmonica player. 

Todd is able to perform practically any song he hears on the radio! See whether he makes an appearance on the newest game show, “Play That Tune,” to find out if he’s the next great harp phenomenon!.

About Todd Squishmallow:

Todd is a creamy white chicken special plush with a pristine white belly that has a creamy white tint.

He has short wings with brown feathers on the tips, which give him a distinctive appearance.

An emerald-colored comb is perched on top his head. His eyes are round and black, and his beak is a bright yellow.

Features of Todd Squishmallow

Even though Todd looks like Charity Squishmallow, there are still other features that differentiate Todd from other Squishmallows in the Rooster family.


Todd the rooster is a white and admirable soft squishmallow plush toy


Todd the rooster belongs to the adorable Easter squishmallow squad.


Tod is produced and sell in three distinct sizes, which include

  1. Todd 3.5-inch”,
  2. Todd  8-inch”
  3. Todd 12-inch”
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Four (4) Things You Know About Todd Before Buying It

So we think its crucial to let you know some facts about the Todd squishmallow you ought to know before you buy the adorable Easter squad squish.

1. Manufacturing Materials

The first thing you should check out about the Todd pluss before buying is the material for which it’s with. An original Todd  Squishmallows IS manufactured with plush spandex and stuffed with polyester fiber.

As a result, it is critical that you take the time to ensure that the Todd you are about to purchase is stuffed with genuine polyester.

So, doing this check will save you from getting a freaky fake stuffed Todd. We highly recommend you buy from the Kellytoy Holdings brand of Todd Plush in order to guarantee originality.

2. Todd Prices

Todd squishy marshmallows are produced in different sizes called “inches.” These different sizes have different price tags.

Though the prices vary from one reseller to the next, the same size of squishy marshmallow Todd may be sold at different prices from different resellers’ stores.

On average, Todd squishmallows sell for between $20 and $85.99 from resellers, online shops, and sites.

3. Where to Buy Todd SquishmallowTodd

Another important thing you need to know about the Todd plush is the right stores in which you can buy it. This is very crucial if you want to get the real and original Todd produced by Kellytoy Holdings.

Todd Squishmallows come in a wide range of everyday and seasonal flavors and can be found in big, online, and specialty stores across the United states and Europe. 

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You can buy Todd Squishmallow in the following retail stores:

  • Walgreens,
  • Amazon,
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Five Below,
  • Costco,
  • Learning Express,
  • and more!

Squishmallows exclusives and limited editions are available worldwide. Squishmallows’ official About Page states:

Squishmallows are now available for purchase in several countries, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For a complete guide on where to buy squishmallow, please see our step-by-step tutorial. 

4. How to Wash Squishmallow Todd

One thing is to buy a squishy marshmallow, and another thing is to keep it clean. To keep their form and clean, squishmallows are produced as machine-plush toys that can be washed with cold water.

Cold water should be used to wash the squishmallow, and the plush should also be dried at a low temperature after washing. 

To help you keep your squishmallow clean and in its original form, we have written a detailed guide on how to wash squishmallow. The guide is accompanied by pictures to help you understand the procedures and steps.

Final Thoughts on Todd Squishmallow

Todd squishmallow is one of the softest squishmallows that you want to buy and gift to your kids, spouse, or loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? You can buy the Todd squish with confidence now that you’ve learned the most important aspect of it.

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