7 Squishmallow Websites To Buy Original Plush

Don’t we all wish there was a stuffed animal that was as adorable as a live animal but as fluffy and cuddly as a pillow? There is good news. Squishmallows are a brand of ultra-soft, pillow-like plush animals that have taken the toy market by storm since their introduction in 2017. It’s similar to the Beanie Baby fad of the 1980s and 1990s.

However, popularity does not come without consequences. It was observed recently that there is an increase in the proliferation of squishmallow knockoffs and fakes on Amazon and other online marketplaces. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine whether or not the Squishmallow you’re going to purchase is authentic. 

One might imagine if there was a particular squishmallow website where you could buy original squishmallows that were manufactured with spandex and stuffed with polyester fabrics. Yes! There is, in fact, not just one but a couple of websites where you can buy the original stuffed squishmallow.

This article will show you the best squishmallow websites where you can buy original squishmallows with a warranty.

Squishmallow Website

Best 7 Squishmallow Website Where You Can Buy Original Plushies

Here is a squishmallow website where you can confidently order for squishmallow without fear of getting a fake stuffed squishmallow plush toy.

1. Squishmallows.com

Squishmallows.com is the parent website for Kellytoy Holdings, when she launched Squishmallow in 2017. Jonathan Kelly and co. were the original owners of squishmallows.com. 

When squishmallow was first launched in 2017, it was only sold on this website as well as wellgreen,com. So, if you want to buy squishmallows online, this is the squishmallow website to visit.

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One downside of this website is that it is used exclusively for the sale of newly released squishmallows. And after the initial sale period, you may not see the stocks of squishmallow available to buy on the website.

2. Jazwares.com

The second squishmallow website where you can buy original stuffed squishmallow is jazwares.com. Jazplus, as popularly called, is an extension of sqquishmallow.com. 

After Jonathan sold it to a Japanese company called Jazwares, Jazplus partnered with Kelly Toys Holdings LLC.

As the manufacturer of squishmallows, you are certain to get an original squishmallow from this website. See How to Wash Squishmallows

Apart from squishmallows, Jazwares.com also deals in different kinds of children’s and adult toys. When you are on their site, click on “brand” to explore different toy brands.

3. Welgreen.com

When squsihmallow was first released in 2017, they were sold exclusively on the Walgreen website. And even up to this date, some characters from Squisshmallows are still exclusive to Welgreen.

No doubt that the welgreen website is another squishmallow website where you can only get original and well stuffed squishmallow plush toys.

4. Boscovs.com

Another great website where you can buy squishmallow is boscovs.com. The US-based beauty online store does not only sell the original squishmallow but also deals in different kinds of women’s and beauty stocks.

If you want to buy the original squishmallow, head over to Boscov’s website and place your order. You will also enjoy lots of discounts and an opportunity to win a gift card that you can redeem with even giant squishmallows.

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5. Claires.com

If you want to buy any plush stuffed toys at a relatively low price, then visit Claires.com. This website does not only sell squishmallows at a customer-friendly price, but they sell the originals because they get their stock directly from Kelly Toys Holdings.

Other things you can buy on this website include ear piercing kits, jewelry, hair, beauty, tech, toys, accessories, bags, and more. Claires.com is another US website that sells squishmallows.

6. Costco.com

Costco.com enjoys exclusive sales of many kinds of squishmallows, so if you want to buy any squishmallow that is exclusive to Costco, then this is a website to visit.

Costco is an ideal plush toy website to buy squishmallows. Like some websites where you can buy squishmallows, Costco also deals in pharmacy, travel, grocery, etc.

7. Amazon.com

At Amazon, you can get all the squshmallows you may want to buy, but it comes with its own disadvantages, because most often, even fake squshmallows are listed on Amazon.com.

So to avoid buying some fake stuffed squishmallows listed on Amazon marketplace, we strongly recommend that you buy only the Kelly toys Holdings brands of squishmallow listed there.

Conclusion: Squishmallow Website

The seven squishmallow websites listed above are carefully selected in order to help you avoid visiting squishmallow fake websites and remorse thereafter. 

There are genuine websites that sell squishmallows, so feel free to visit any of these websites to buy squishmallows.

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