Squishmallow Toys: 6 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Squishmallow Toys are fun baby and animal look-alike character toys that have been around since 2017. The toy is the world’s most cherished teddy bear.

Women and children are the most likely to be fans of squishy plush toys, as cuddling the plushy soft toys brings them the greatest joy.

As for women, they see the squishmallow as their baby, whom they can always carry around, use it to decorate their rooms and bedt, or stay together as companions.

For children and toddlers, squishmallows are seen by them as a fun object to play with and cuddle as they like.

Squishy Toys to Buy Right Now (Sizes, Colors, and Reviews)

Squishmallow Toys

The proliferation of different kinds of squishmallows in the American market has made it extremely difficult to find and determine the best squishmallow to buy.

At the Denton Wesley Squish Club, we understand the dilemma of making the right choice of the best squishmallow you want to buy.

So, because if these feelings persist, a buyer will want to do thorough research to be able to find the best squishy toy he or she can buy. And most of the time, such information is not readily available online.

Hence, DW Squish Club has decided to provide you with all the information you may need to guide you when you want to buy any squishmallow toys.

So we bring you all the important information on all the categories of squish in the market right now. You can refer to this site anytime you want to buy Squishy Mallow toys as a guide.

About Squishmallows

Jonathan Kelly, one of Kelly Toys’ co-founders, first introduced Squismallow in 2017. 

At the time of the launch, Squishmallows were offered at Walgreens in three sizes: 8-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch.

At the launch of the product, each of the Squishmallows had a name and a character they represented in the real world:

At the time of writing this piece, the newest Squishmallow toy is named Reina. It is a “style icon” who likes to do her hair.

A pineapple Squishmallow, Maui, is naturally apprehensive about new experiences, so she attempts to overcome her worries by taking on new challenges.

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These cute plush animals may be utilized in a number of ways. They may be excellent snuggle toys, or you can use them as cushions for your head. Adults may even use them as pillows for an uncomfortable chair.

These Squishmallows are so adorable and with so many choices to make, it’s somewhat hard to just have one. Watch squishmallows hunting

There are over 800 Squishmallows collections available right now, and that number is only going to increase in the years to come. 

The toys come in a myriad of sizes, beginning from 3.4 inch clip-ons to a giant 24 inch extra-large Squishmallow.

6 Things You Should Know About Squishmallows

There are seven main things and features you should look out for before buying any squishmallow, either in online stores or in physical stores. They include:

1. Production Materials

The most important feature you want to look out for in a squishmallow before you buy it is the material used in its production.

Yes, you don’t want to buy some freaky fake material that will pull within months of purchase. So one of the most super features of the Kelly toy product line of squishmallows is the polyester fibers used in the production of the toy.

Every Kellytoy squishmallow product listed on the Amazon stores was produced with very good material, mainly polyester fibers, that could last for years.

All the squishmallows in Amazon stores will pass the quality assurance test that conforms to the best standards.

The Kelly Toy Squishmallows are essentially composed of and filled with polyester fibers.

Harmful chemicals are not used or applied to the exterior layer of each plush toy, nor are toxic chemicals introduced to the fibers inside each plush toy. 

The squishies in Amazon stores are highly compliant with Prop 65 but are not flame retardant.

2. Collection of Squishmallow Sizes

Squishmallows are produced in different sizes and styles for the convenience of everyone and to meet the demand of everyone who desires them. 

Squish is manufactured in inches, which ranges from 3.5 inches to 24 inches for mega or giant sized squishmallows, although the giant ones are rare.

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As mentioned earlier, the sizes and styles of squish mallows basically conform to the animals or objects they represent.

For example, cow squishmallow toys are bigger than frog squishmallows. The reason is that the cow is bigger than the frog in real life. Please see all the squishmallow sizes and styles.

3. Colors of Squishmallows

What are the colors of squishmallows? just like the size and price of these highly sorted toys. The squishy mallows are also produced in different colors.

The reason behind the variety of colors is that different people have different preferences for colors. See the Colors page

Note: Squishy coloring pages come in a variety of colors, and the Squishmallow Coloring Pages are the squishy pages for all squishmallow colors. Squishmallow Coloring Pages

The most popular and common colors of squishy malow toys are: 

  1. Squishy pink in color,
  2. Squishy purple in color,
  3. Squishy in the color red.
  4. Squishy in ash color.
  5. squishy light yellow.

4. Squishmallow Toys Prices

The Squish price ranges from $7 to $500 depending on the size and variant of the squish. Preferences also play a role in the price tag of the raven toy.

Small squishmallows of about 3.5 inches and above are sold within the range of $7 to $26 on Amazon. These are small squishies for children.

Secondly, medium-sized squishmallow toys, which are the most popular size for young children and adults, are also sold for within the range of $17 to $190 in the Amazon store.

Finally, the large and giant sizes of squishy marshmallow toys are pricey and often in higher demand than the medium and small sizes.

You will need to preorder them (giant squishmallows) to make sure you get your squish on time and as needed.

The big and giant squishmallows are sold within the range of $100 to $300 on Amazon and other online stores, as well as physical stores.

5. Where Can You Buy Squishmallows? (Squishmallows near me)

Since the introduction of Squishmallow in 2017, these mushy plushies have been flying off the shelves of merchants both offline (physical stores) and online (virtual stores).

So, if you’re interested in getting in on the Squishmallow action, the good news is that they’re available everywhere, from large shops to little neighborhood shops and stores.

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The bad news is that their collectibility has made them very sought after, making them difficult to locate. Simply search Google for “squish-mallow hunting” and you’ll discover lots of information on the toy.

Since the launch of Squishmallow in 2017, these mushy plushies have been flying off the physical and cyber shelves of retailers everywhere.

To buy squishmallows online, visit any of the following U.S. retailers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walgreens
  3. Walmart
  4. Costco
  5. Target
  6. Toynk
  7. Claire;s

 Please see below the list of top U.S retail stores where you can buy Squishmallow.

6. How to Wash Squishmallows

You often move around with the plushy soft toy. You regularly touch the squish, cuddle the squish, and even sleep with the squish.

So it is expected that the squish will get dirty with the passage of time. In this post, we will be discussing the various ways you should care for your squishy mallow.

So, we’ll go over how to clean a squishmallow and how to wash a squishmallow step by step.

Instructions for Washing Squishmallows

To wash squishmallow, you need the following item:

  1. washing machine 
  2. pillowcase 
  3. bed sheet
  4. dryer 
  5. detergent

Now the process is incredibly simple and this is it. Toss the squishmallow into the laundry of the washing machine.

Add detergent mixed with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, then start the machine cycle to wash. Please see below the step-by-step process for washing your squishmallow


 My final thoughts on the Squishmallows product in the U.S market. 

The softy plush toys are made with some of the best fabric you can find around, especially the kellytoy squishmallow. 

Which is rated the best squishMallow in the American market?

The Kellytoy squishmallow is made with original fabric with a superb colour mix. It comes with a longer guarantee than any other toy.

Kellytoy squishmallows are sold at Amazon retail stores and have a very fair return policy and a 100 percent money back guarantee.

How to Wash Squishmallows in 6 Simple Steps: Full Guide

The 7 Best Online Stores in the U.S. to Buy Squishmallows

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