Sissy Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know About

Sissy the Strawberry is a pink squishy marshmallow that can only be found in Claire’s Candy Store.

I can not tell you why this squishmallow is exclusive to Claire. However, it is still available from resellers, albeit at a slightly higher price.

Sissy Squaishmallow is one of the most adored plush in the strawberry family, though not as popular as Scarlet.

Sissy’s Short Biography

Sissy Squishmallow
Sissy Squishmallow

Put on your apron and go get some flour because Sissy could need some assistance in the kitchen. 

Sissy is always up for trying new things, and this week she’s preparing brownies for a school assignment as part of that. 

Are you able to assist her in gathering all of the ingredients?.. LOL, See the 5 Strawberry Squishmallow And Their Names

About Sissy Squishmallow

Sissy is a bright pink strawberry with white seeds that is a favorite of many. On the top of her head, she bears three slender, pale green leaves. 

Her eyes are huge and dark, with spiky lashes, and she has a broad smile on her face. In addition, she has a soft pink flush beneath each eye.

Features of Sissy Squishmallow

There are a few distinguishing features of Sissy the Strawberry Squishmallow that you will need to look at. They are

The Color

Sissy is a pink-colored squishmallow with big, round black eyes and a few white spots beneath her mouth.

The Size

Sissy is only produced in one size, also known as Sissy squishmallow, 8-inch.


Just like every other squishmallow in the strawberry family, Sissy is also relatively new to squish. Sissy was released in 2021.

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Four (4) Things You Know About Sissy Before Buying It

So, before you buy this cute and adorably squish, we think it’s important to tell you a few things about the Sissy squishmallow.

1. Materials for Production

Before you buy a Sissy plush, be sure to look at the material it’s made of. The original Sissy Squishmallows were made of fluffy spandex and packed with polyester fibers to maintain their shape.

Consequently, it is imperative that you take the time to verify that the Sissy you are going to purchase is stuffed with real polyester.

To avoid receiving a creepy fake Sissy, do this check first. Kellytoy Holdings is the best place to buy Sissy Plush if you want to be sure that your purchase is real.

2. Sissy Costs

Squishy marshmallows come in a variety of sizes referred to as “inches.” Prices vary based on the size of the item. Various resellers’ stores may charge different costs for a similar-sized, soft marshmallow Sissy, despite the fact that they all sell the same product.

If you’re looking for a good deal, you’ll pay between $20 and $85.99 to get your hands on a Sissy marshmallow.

3. Where to Buy Sissy Squishmallow

Additionally, it is crucial to know where to acquire the Sissy plush. To obtain the genuine Sissy from Kellytoy Holdings, this is very essential.

Everyday and seasonal tastes are available at a variety of major, online, and niche retailers in the United States as well as Europe.

You can buy Sissy Squishmallow in the following retail stores:

  • Walgreens,
  • Amazon,
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Five Below,
  • Costco,
  • Learning Express,
  • and more!
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Squishmallows exclusives and limited editions are available worldwide. Squishmallows’ official About Page states:

Squishmallows are now available for purchase in several countries, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For a complete guide on where to buy squishmallow, please see our step-by-step tutorial.

4. How to Wash Squishmallow Sissy

Buying a squishy marshmallow is one thing, but keeping it clean is another. Squishmallows are machine-washable plush toys that preserve their shape and cleanliness.

The squishmallow should be washed in cold water and dried at a low temperature afterward.

We’ve produced a full instruction on how to wash squishmallow so that you can keep your squishmallow clean and in its natural shape. There are examples in the tutorial that will help you understand what you’re going to learn.

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