8 Shark Squishmallow And Their Names

Shark squishmallow refers to all shark plush squishmallows in the shark class of squishmallow toys.

When compared to the frog and axolotl squishmallow classes, the squishmallow shark class is one of the less popular squishmallow classes.

In comparison to other classes or varieties of squishmallows, the Squishmallow Shark class has a dearth of squishy characters.

The shark class has eight (8) squishmallow characters, with Gordon the shark being the most popular, followed by Luther and Tank squishmallows.

We’re going to go through all of the shark squishmallow names and their distinguishing characteristics.

About Squishmallow Shark

It’s now possible to own a beautiful squishmallow that you can cuddle in any form you want.

In fact, Gordon the Shark, 8-inch, is reportedly the best squishmallow to cuddle and sleep beside you in bed.

This perfumed selection of shark squishmallows features a variety of interesting colors, including stripes, yellow, pink, blue sharks, and more.

So get one for your loved ones as a surprise. Request that your child obtain the shark five-star squishmallow.

A List of 8 Shark Squishmallows and Their Names

It is critical that we begin by identifying the names and characteristics of all the squishmallows that belong to the Shark class.

This is because knowing their names and characteristics can help us better comprehend the shark squishmallow.

Additionally, it assists you in making an informed choice about the character of the shark plush you should get.

The eight (8) shark squishmallows have the following names:

1. Gordon Squishmallow

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a squishy, gray Squishmallow from the Shark Class. He is a member of the Sealife Squad.

Gordon is one of the friendliest Squishmallows you’re likely to encounter. He is extremely charming and loving, and everyone who meets him will want to stay with him.

He is so committed to serving others that he intends to one day establish his own humanitarian organization. Gordom will, without a doubt, fulfill his ambitions at some point in the future.

About Gordon the Shark Squishmallow

Gordon the Shark has a distinctive physical appearance. He is a pale gray shark Squishmallow who has three fins: two down each side and one on top of his head.

The spherical form of Gordon’s white belly sets him apart from the other shark squishmallows.

A slight smile appears on Gordon’s face, and his eyes are round and black. 

Everyone admires his good looks.

Gordon the Shark’s squishmallow features.

Gordom squishmallow has certain distinct features that distinguish him from the other seven members of the shark squishmallow class, such as:

What is Gordon’s color?

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a gray-colored plush teddy.

To which squad does he belong?

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a member of the complex sealife or seaworld squad.

How many sizes of Gordon Squishmallows are there?

There are six sizes of Gordon the Shark squishmallow available to buy:

  1. Gordon 2-inch”
  2. Gordon 3.5-inch”, 
  3. Gordon 7-inch”, 
  4. Gordon 8-inch “
  5. Gordon, 12-inch “
  6. Gordon 16-inch “a large and rare squishmallow)

Gordons Squishdate

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow was released by Kelly Toys on October 22, 2018.

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2. Luther Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Luther the Shark Squishmallow is a tie-dyed squishmallow belonging to the shark class and a member of the blue tie-dyed

The squishmallow Luther is one of the sneezy sharks among the eight members of the shark family.

Luther’s sneeze attacks make him sneeze six (6) times in a row, and this action makes him a super unique squishmallow.

Luther’s science fair project this year may be about what causes people to sneeze. Are you willing to provide a hand? ….Lol

About Luther the Shark Squishmallow:

Luther is a shark squishmallow whose body is dyed in a ringed tie-dye design that is primarily blue with a few yellow-green flecks.

Squishmallow luther has three fins, two on either side of his body and one on the top of his head. He has a white belly that is spherical in shape.

He has wide black eyes and a little smile. 

Luther has gills on either side of his body, which he uses to breathe.

Luther the Shark’s squishmallow features

Let’s see some unique features that differentiate Luther from the members of the shark family.


Luther the Shark Squishmallow is a blue tie-dye colored plush.


Luther the shark comes in six different sizes, including

  1. Luther 5-inch”, 
  2. Luther 8-inch, “
  3. Luther 10-inch “
  4. Luther 12-inch “
  5. Luther 16-inch, “
  6. Luther 20-inch”

Luther Squish-date

Luther was first released on November 13, 2020.

3. Tank Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Tank the hammerhead shark squishmallow is a soft squish with a gray coloration.

The fact that Tank is so large gives him the appearance of a frightening mallow, yet his life is governed by the slogan “peace, love, and minding my own business.”

This hammerhead hippy aspires to live in peace with nature and just appreciate life.

Tank Squishmallow’s Personality

Tank is a gray shark with two fins on either side of his body and a hammer-shaped structure on the top of his skull.

Tank’s tummy is round and white, and he has black gills on both sides of his body.

What makes Tank different from his family is his eyes. Tank’s eyes are round and dark, and he has a tiny smile on his face.

Tank Squishmallow Features

Some of the major features of Tank Squishmallow include:


Tank the Shark squishmallow is a gray-colored awesome and lovely plush toy.


Tank squishmallows are produced in three distinct sizes, which include

  1. Tank 5-inch “
  2. Tank 8-inch “
  3. Tank 12-inch
  4. Tank’s Squish-date

Tank the shark was released on November 18, 2021.

4. Sharon Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Sharon the Shark squishmallow is a super awesome plush squishmallow that is turquoise in color.

If you are looking for a professional photographer, and a companion, Sharon is the right shark for the job.

Despite the fact that she travels the world photographing squishmallows of all types, her favorite place to be is generally at home with her family or practicing on her brand new guitar!

Sharon’s Squishmallow Personality

Sharon is a turquoise shark with matching fins and a white belly. She is a great white shark.

Sharaon’s eyes are wide and dark, and she has sharp teeth that stick out from behind her grin.

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Sharon’s Squishmallow Features

Some of the few distinctive features of Sharon the shark are 


Sharon the Shark is a turquoise colored squishmallow plush toy.


Sharon squishmallows is a member of the Valentine squishy team.


Sharon the shark is one of the rare squishmallows that is produced in just one size.

Release Year

Sharon was released in 2021.

5. Selena Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Selene the Shark Squishmallow is a pink squishmallow from the shark family and is a member of the Valentine Squad.

Selene wished to pursue a career as a marine biologist, and she kept the dream alive.

She is a never care plush who is really interested in learning more about her house and how to maintain it clean and orderly.

Selena the shark enjoys spending her spare time sunbathing and studying new languages in her spare time.

About Selena the Shark:

It is a pale pink shark with three fins, two on either side of her body and one on top of her head.

Selena is well known for having a big, white belly that she carries.

Her eyes are wide and dark, and she has a little, toothy grin on her face.

Her breast is adorned with an insignia consisting of three hearts ranging in size from the smallest to the largest: hot pink, blue, and purple.

Features of Selena Squishmallow:

The following are features of Selena Squishmallow


Selena squishmallow is a pink-colored squishmallow plush toy.


Selena the Shark belongs to the lovers’ Valentine squad.


Selena Squishmallow is produced as an 8-inch plush toy.

6. Rocket Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Rocket the Hammerhead Shark plush is a blue Squishmallow from the Sealife Squad, and a member of the great Shark plush.

Keep an eye out for Rocket as he passes by! Rocket is a member of the swim team for whom you cannot predict which events he will participate in.

Sharon the shark is super tactical and excellent at open-water swimming, but his favorite event is the freestyle relay, in which he shoots off like a rocket, earning him the moniker “Rocket.”

About Rocket Squishmallow

Rocket is a dark blue hammerhead shark with four fins: one on each side, two on his back, and a tail fin. 

He has four fins, one on each side, two on his back, and a tail fin.

Rocket has a white belly that is round in shape.

Just like his fellow squishmallows, Rocket has big black eyes and a little black grin, as well as gills on either side of his face.

Features of Rocket Squishmallow

Some of the differentiating features of Rocket Squishmallow include:


Rocket is a blue shark squishmallow and a lovely plush toy.


Rocket the Shark belongs to the Sealife squad.


Just like Sharon’s squishmallow, Rocket the Shark Squishmallow is only produced in 8-inch plush.


The Rocket Squishmallow was first released on December 23, 2020.

7. Chandler Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Chandler the Shark is a yellow shark Squishmallow from the Baby Squad, and a member of the shark plush toy.

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Chandler’s favorite activities, aside from show and tell, include naps and snacking on sweets.

He enjoys exchanging information with his friends and learning more about them.

Next week is his time, and he’s having trouble deciding whether to bring his favorite blanket or his favorite food.

Could you please assist him in making his decision?… lol

About Chandler Squishmallow:

Fisherman’s Friend Chandler is a brilliant yellow shark with three fins, two on either side of his body and one on top of his head.

He has a white belly that is spherical in shape.

Chandler’s eyes are wide and dark, and he has a toothy, open-mouthed grin on his face.

Features of Chandler Squishmallow

Here are some differentiating features of Chandler the Shark Squishmallow:


Chandler the Shark is a yellow-colored shark squishmallow and an adorable plush toy.


Chandler squishmallow belongs to the charming baby squishy squad.


Chandler the shark is produced only in a 7-inch size.

Release Year

Chandler was released in 2021.

8. Rey Squishmallow

Shark Squishmallow

Rey the Shark is yet another variation of the blue shark squishmallow from the Valentine Squad.

Rey is one super awesome squishmallow you should get to know.

He is a shy shark with a keen eye for fashion, entertainment, and capturing the “ideal moment” for his entire group of buddies.

Rey enjoys taking images and applying creative effects to them before emailing them to his buddies.

He believes that one day, he will have a gallery full of vibrant photographs to peruse and admire!

About Rey Squishmallow:

With two fins on each side of his body, one fin atop his head and another on the rear of his body, Rey is a vivid blue shark squishmallow.

He features a round, white tummy with the words “You’re Jawsome!” stitched in red and pink over the top of it. 

His eyes are big and black, and he has a little toothy smile on his face. He also has gills on both sides of his body.

An alternate Rey with the same name exists, but it is a brighter shade of blue, and on the stomach, there is a pink heart rather than the slogan.

There are rumors that it is only available in Canada.

Features of Rey’s Squishmallow

Some of the distinguishing features of Rey the Shark Squishmallow are highlighted below:


Rey the shark is a blue shark squishmallow.


Rey squishmallow belongs to the loving Valentine squad.


Rey squishmallow is produced in three unique sizes; they are:

  1. Rey 5-inch”, 
  2. Rey 8-inch”, 
  3. Rey 12-inch”

Release Year

Rey the shark was first released in 2021.

Where can you buy shark squishmallows?

Shark squishmallows are available in most everyday and seasonal flavors and are sold by large, online, and specialized stores, including

  • Walgreens,
  • Amazon,
  • Five Below,
  • Costco,
  • Learning Express,
  •  CVS.
  • GameStop
  • and more!

Shark Squishmallow is also available for purchase in several countries, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For a comprehensive list of where you can buy squishmallows online and offline, visit the top U.S. online retailer for squishmallows.

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