Ronnie The Cow Squishmallow: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow is a brown and white plush toy created by the Pal Farm Squad.

Ronnie squishmallow is primarily made to fill your heart with joy, affection, and give you comfort.

It’s one of the Kellytoys squishmallow collection toys, and the softest of all the cow squishmallows.

About the Ronnie squishmallow

Ronnie The Cow Squishmallow

Ronnie squishmallow is primarily a white toy with two patches of brown color on the lower right side of its ear and the upper left ear.

Ronnie has a light yellow-like nose and also has pale yellow short horns.

Ronnie is from the Farm Pals Easter squad. It was released in 2020 and was produced in three sizes, which included 5,8, and 12 inches.

Ronnie the cow derives joy from building bird houses, and his sister Belana is always there to help him with birdhouses.

Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow: 7 Facts You Should Know About This Toy

As part of our mission to help you make the right purchase for all kinds of squishmallows,

The essence of this post is to guide and let you know the hidden facts about the awesome Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow.

In the few paragraphs below, we will let you know the seven most important aspects of the Ronnie squishmallow you should know before you buy it.

1. Manufacturing Substance

The first thing you check out in a squishmallow before buying is the material used in producing the squish.

Make sure Ronnie the cow is manufactured and stuffed with original polyester fabrics.

To check for this, look at the product description to see the kind of fabric used for it. Though some websites don’t write the descriptions.

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For the originally stuffed Ronnie cow squishmallow, we strongly recommend the Kellytoys brand of this plush toy.

2: The squishmallow’s size

Like we have mentioned earlier, this plush toy is manufactured in three sizes, which include

  1. Ronnie the cow is 5 inches tall.
  2. Ronnie the cow, 8-inch
  3. Ronnie the cow is 12 inches tall.

So now that you know the sizes of these super awesome plush, you can freely pick the size that you prefer most.

The most popular size among the three is the 12-inch Ronnie the Cow squishmallow.

For details of the different sizes of Squishmallow, see our Squishmallow size page.

3. Ronnie Cow Squishmallow Colors

Primarily, Ronnie the cow is brown squish mixed with white, so you are likely going to buy brown and white Ronnie.

So if you’re planning to buy Ronnie in different colors apart from the brown and white Ronnie the cow, then rethink.

However, if the manufacturer is going to add more colors to its collection of Ronnie the Cow in the future, we can’t categorically say.

All kinds of squishy colors can be found on the Squishmallow color page.

4. Ronnie the Cow Costs

Ronnie is fairly priced, but a bit pricey when you want to buy it from resellers or third-party distributors like

If you’re buying from the Amazon online store, you’re going to get it cheaper because it’s listed directly from the producer.

From the official Kellytoys prices, Ronnie is sold for between $23 and $59.99.

So to get the best price on this super plush squishmallow, we recommend that you buy it from Amazon’s online store.

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5. Return Policy and Packaging

How your items are packaged upon delivery tells a lot about the product and, by extension, the producer.

You don’t want to receive poorly packed items. For this reason, we also recommend the Kellytoys brand of Ronnie for you.

You’re sure to receive a professionally packaged item from them.

Again, buying from Amazon and Kellytoys, you will get 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product.

6. Where can you buy Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow?

Ronnie the cow can be purchased from the following online retailers:

  • (Reseller)

For a detailed guide on where you can buy any kind of Squishmallow,

Please see our detailed guide on where to buy Squishmallows.

7. Squishmallow Washing Instructions

If you’re worried about what will happen to your Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow when it gets stained,

Please don’t be concerned because I have good news for you.

Your newly purchased or about to purchase Squishmallow is a machine washable toy.

To wash this squishmallow, you only need

  • Laundry machine
  • The dryer
  • Disinfectant

Please see our step-by-step guide on how to wash Squishmallow, as you can also clean the Squishmallow for minor stains.


Ronnie Squishmallow has arrived to fill your heart with joy, love, and affection.

We encourage you to buy this super awesome Squishmallow plush toy and add it to your collection of squishs.

In the comment section, we would like to hear your opinion or experience with the super plush squishmallow.

Thanks for reading.

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