Reginald Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know Before Buying

If your house is already overflowing with stuffed animals and teddies but you still want to give your children or spouse something soft and cuddly for Valentine’s Day, Reginald’s Valentine Squishmallow is a good gift option for you.

Known as Reginald the Corgi, or just Reggienal, Reginald the Corgi is a Squishmallow from the Dog Squad.

Reginald serves as the team’s captain on the lacrosse field. He is a courageous leader who does not back down.

Spending time with his teammates both on and off the field is something he enjoys doing, especially when it entails viewing one of their favorite movies.

Reginald Biography

Reginald Squishmallow

Reginald is a white and brown dog with trapezoidal ears that are held erect.

His main body and inner ears are white, but he has two enormous brown patches on either side of his face that cover his ear to his eye and go from his ear to his eye.

She has round, black eyes, a black nose, and a black mouth, and she is sticking her pink tongue out at the moment.

Features of Reginald

Some of the distinctive features of Reginald include the following:


Reginald “Squishmallow” is a brown and white colored super plush toy with a round black eye and a hook like nostril.


Reginald the Corgi belongs to the vibrant dog squad.


Reginald is produced in different sizes to suit both children and adults. Reginald sizes are available.

  1. Reginald 3.5-inch, “
  2. Reginald 5-inch “
  3. Reginald 8-inch “
  4. Reginald 12-inch “


Four (4) Things You Know About Reginald Before Buying It

Let us tell you about the Reginald squishmallow so you know what to look for in the endearing Dog Squad squish before you buy it.

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1. The Manufacturing Materials

Before you buy Reginald plush, you should check out what kind of material it is made of first. The original Reginald Squishmallow is made of plush spandex and filled with polyester fiber, which makes it very soft.

As a result, it is very important that you make sure that the Reginald you are about to buy is filled with real polyester.

So, if you adhere to the guidelines in this post, you won’t buy a fake stuffed Reginald that looks weird. We strongly recommend that you buy Reginald Plush from the Kellytoy Holdings brand to make sure it’s the real plush.

2. Reginald Prices

Reginald squishymallows are produced in different sizes called “inches.” These different sizes have different price tags.

Though the prices vary from one reseller to the next, the same size of squishy marshmallow Reginald may be sold at different prices at different resellers’ stores.

On average, Reginald squishmallows sell for between $20 and $95.99 from resellers, online shops, and sites.

3. Where Can I Purchase Reginald Squishmallow?

Another thing you need to know about the Reginald plush is where you can get it from. This is very important if you want to get the real Reginald squishmallow made by Kellytoy Holdings.

In the United States and Europe, Reginald Squishmallows are sold every day and in seasonal choice stores. 

This plush toy can also be found in big online stores or in specialty stores all over the country and in Europe.

Here are some major online and offline stores where you can buy Reginald Squishmallow

  • Walgreens, 
  • Amazon, 
  • Ebay 
  • WalMart,
  •  Ebay 
  • Walmart
  •  Etsy 
  • Five Below, 
  • Costco, 
  • Learning Express,
  •  and a lot more!
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Special and limited editions are available all over the world. Source: Kellytoy’s official website.

Squishmallows can now be bought in a number of countries, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For a step-by-step tutorial on where to buy squishmallow, please see our guide.

4. How to Wash Reginald’s Squishmallow

Buying a squishmallow is one thing, and keeping it clean as well as maintaining its shape is another ball game.

So for this reason, we think it’s important to guide you on how to wash the squishmallows when they are dirty or stained 

To wash the squishmallow, you need some items like a washing machine, detergent, and dryer. Please make sure the squishmallows are not washed with hot water.

After washing, do not dry it at a high temperature. Set the dryer temperature to low and then allow it to dry.

For better understanding, we have written an in-depth guide on how to wash your squishmallow. The guide comes with pictures to help you understand what you need to do and how to do it.

The last thoughts on Reginald “Squishmallow.

Now that you have learned more about Reginald squishmallow, you can go ahead and get it for your kids, spouse, or other people you care about. Indeed, Reginald is one of the softest squishmallows you can buy.

If you have any questions, agreement, or disagreement regarding this post, please feel free to drop it in the comment section.

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