Ludwig Squishmallow: 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Ludwig Squishmallow is one squishmallows that cherishes outdoor hangouts, and he spends most of his outdoor hangouts snowboarding and also in a log cabin.

Ludwig likes to see the snow covered, so he runs a ski that is hung on the top of the hill.

Ludwig is the third most popular type of frog squishmallow. It has over 1000 monthly searches on Google every month.

About Ludwig Squishmallow

Ludwig Squishmallow

Ludwig is light green in color, but his wide belly is white in color, making it a unique, super plush and soft squish.

His eyes are seated on the top of his head. Above his ever-smiling mouth is a well-shaped nostril.

Ludwig Color

Ludwig is a teal-colored squishmallow.

Release Date

Ludwig was released on October 30th, 2020.

Ludwig Sizes

Ludwig squishmallows come in two sizes: small and large.

  1. Ludwig 3.5-inch “
  2. Ludwig 16*inch “


Before You Buy Ludwig Squishmallow, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know.

It’s important you check thoroughly for these things we discussed here before you go make that order for Ludwig squishmallow.

By all means, we know you love Ludwig and you want to make it your own. But pause a moment and read through this article.

The popularity of the Ludwig is increasing, so more and more people are now sorting through it.

As a result, we will try to save you from the agony of purchasing a phony stuffed ludwig.

Hence, we have highlighted the gray areas that you should check out before making any purchases for Ludwig.

1. Examine The Manufacturing Material

The first thing you should look out for in any squishmallow you want to buy is the production material.

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You should ensure that the Ludwig you are about to purchase is made with genuine polyester fabric.

Though it may be difficult to spot a squishmallow that was not originally stuffed if you are not an expert in the field,

So, because we understand the difficulties buyers go through, we have to do all the research and come up with the best recommendation.

For a ludwig squish that is well stuffed with polyester fabrics, we strongly recommend the Kelly Toys brand of squishmallow

2. The Brand to Purchase

We have mentioned the brand earlier, but we just need to emphasize it more. It is crucial to buy from a brand that has a track record of genuity.

One of the brands that have stood the test of time with original and quality stock of squishmallows is the Kelly Toys brand and Target.

So, if you want to purchase the Ludwig, make sure to do so through the Kelly Toys brand.

We recommend this brand to you based on our experience using it and also the opinion of the general public.

3. Procedures for Returns and Packaging

Most often, we aren’t satisfied with the order or item we receive from the vendor, and we will want to return it and get a refund.

For this reason, you need to be very cautious about where you buy your squishy marshmallows online and even offline.

To get maximum protection and a customer-centric return policy, make sure you make your purchase at the retailers we have mentioned below.

4. Where Can You Buy Ludwig Squishmallow?

Ludwig is quite a popular squishmallow, and it’s been sold in most of the top online retail stores across the United States.

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You can buy Ludwing the frog squishmallow from the following online retailers:

  • Amazon 
  • Walmart 
  • Target
  • Ebay
  • Etsy

For a detailed guide on the top 7 online retailers where you can buy squishmallows in the United States, see our step-by-step tutorial.

5 Methods for Cleaning Ludwig Squishmallow

To wash your squishmallow, the following items are needed:

  • Washing Machine
  • Pillow case
  • detergent and 
  • Dryer

If all these items are ready, then go to our comprehensive guide on how to wash squishmallows for a simple and step-by-step guide.

The guide contains both pictorial illustrations on how to clean the squishmallow as well as instructions on how to wash the squishmallow.


The Ludwig is a super soft plush toy that is here to fill your heart with joy, love, and affection.

Now that you know the gray areas that you ought to check out in the ludwig, you can go ahead and place your order.

In the comment section below, we would like to hear your experience with or opinion about the Ludwig squishmallow.

Thank you for your time.

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