Jonathan Kelly Squishmallow: About Kellytoy (USA)

Jonathan Kelly Squishmallow by Kellytoy Holding LLC is the manufacturer of award-winning everyday and seasonal plush products that include the most popular and rarest squishmallows, as well as the best-selling squishmallows.

Jonathan Kelly squishmallow

Founders. Kelly Toys Holdings, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 1986 by Jonathan Kelly. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Kelly stated that he came up with the idea for Squishmallows when he went to Japan and saw a variety of appealing toy products, including plush toys.

Since Jonathan released the first series of squishmallows in 2017, the super plush toys have taken over the world of toys. And as of today, over 50,000,000 copies of it have been sold out within America and across the globe, according to Jonathan and Kellytoys CEO

Who Is Jonathan Kelly, The CEO Of Squishmallow?

Jonathan Kelly Squishmallow

Jonathan Kelly is the founder and CEO of Kellytoy Holdings LLC and its subsidiary Jazwares, both of which are based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Since Jonathan launched Squishmallow in 2017, his Kelly Toys holdings has continued to produce the world’s softest round toys. The squishy marshmallow toys are produced in different characters, colors, designs, and sizes. 

Every Squishimallow character produced by Kelly Toys Holdings comes with its own unique name and background.

 However, squishmallows are pocket friendly and are not very expensive. Although a few of the rare squishmallows are very expensive to buy, especially Jack the Black Cat, which is the rarest squishmallow.

In summary, it would be right to conclude that Jonathan Kelly makes squishmallows, or rather, creates squishmallow plushies.

 A Brief Description of Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC

Incorporated in Vernon, California, Kellytoy United States, Inc. is a member of the Management of Companies and Enterprises industry. Its headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

Kellytoy Holdings is the sole manufacturer and supplier of seasonal plush products for pet stores, supermarkets and discount stores across the United States, Australia, Canada and most parts of Europe.

Kellytoy Holdings and partner company Jazwares inc have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan Kelly is the president and CEO of Kellytoy Holdings. 

Kellytoy Holdings Main Competitors

Every company that produces product or render services is faced with competitors and such also applies to Kellytoy’s inc. Kelly toys main competitors are in the US are: 

  • Little Tikes, 
  • PlayMonster
  • Toysmith.
  • Wicked Cool Toys (WCT)
  • Green Toys
  • Step 2
  • Happy Worker
  • Big Shot
  • Custom Toy Lab

Jonathan Kelly’s Strategic Alliance and Partnership

On February 21, 2020, Jazwares LLC, a leading global toy, entertainment, and musical instrument company, announced that it has secured Global Master Toy Rights for a new line extension for Squishmallows called Squishville.

It also emphasized that it has formed a strategic joint venture with Kellytoy to distribute Squishmallows® products in certain regions and countries.

As a result of this partnership, the Russ Berrie brand will continue to build on its more than 50-year history, placing it as the world’s finest plush brand when it hits store shelves in autumn 2019.

Through this arrangement, Kellytoy will advertise the Russ Berrie brand through its global distribution networks, which will cover nearly every market sector. SOURCE

This partnership has helped Jonathan Kelly’s squishmallow and toy sales rise above those of their closest competitors in the field. 

Current Number Of Employees

Kelly Toys Holdings currently has 419 workers across all of its branches. Nonetheless, Kelly Toys holdings and the maker of squishmallow plush rank among the middle-labor employers in the country.

This is another major milestone reached in recent times by Jonathan Kelly and Kellytoy Inc. This figure is expected to rise as the company keeps its expansion stride alive.

Kelly Toys’ net worth

Kelly Toys’ Holdings’ net worth is $57.89 million per annum. Kellytoy (USA) is a privately owned company that operates as a joint venture with Jazwares, Inc. A few years back, Jonathan announced a joint venture synergy with a Japan-based company called Jazwares.

Jonathan Kelly Squishmallow Net Worth

So by  implication Jonathan Kelly’s Squishmallow Net Worth is estimated around $25 -$100 million according to You can check it out for more information. 

This estimate of Jonathan Kelly’s net worth is based on the Kellytoys Holdings estimated annual revenue and not the actual personal net worth.

KellyToys Principal Officers 

Meet the top four principal officers of Kellytoy (USA) and the U.S. division of Jazwares, inc.

Founder/Co-President of KellyToy (a division of Jazwares) source
Jonathan has over 30 years of expertise in toy manufacture and leadership, and is credited with bringing one of the world’s most popular brands into existence, Squishmallows! He is still in charge of Jazwares’ KellyToy division, which brings the world’s cutest collector plush to life.

Jonathan Kelly

Chief Executive Office

Andy Rauch

Vice President Sales Kelly toys

Bob Buescher: 

Creative Director

Crystel Ramos 


Jonathan Kelly’s Squishmallow Daughter

Not much has been said about Jonathan Kelly’s daughter or his family life. However, Jonathan has a daughter, and her name is Mazzy. Jonathan’s wife once mentions her in one of their videos on Squishmallow scavenger hunts around the city and on Long Island.

According to Ms. Wiles, it is a “pleasing hobby,” and the items are “not that expensive if you get them from a retail store.” “It’s a huge prize for not a lot of money,” says the author. The majority of the toys have a price range between $10 and $40, depending on their dimensions

Jonathan Kelly Squishmallows: How Many Are There?

Currently, Jonathan Kelly of Kelly Toys Holdings has released over 2,000 squishmallow characters so far. See the list of all Squishmallow characters and their names by Kelly Toys, the toy company and maker of squishmallow plush toys.


This post is meant to address some of the concerns that many squishmallow fans have been seeking information on.

So far, we’ve covered almost everything about Jonathan Kelly, including his squishmallow, net worth, personal life, and many other Jonathan Kelly and Kelly toys-related unanswered questions.

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