How To Unlock Nightmare Mode On Phasma Phobia

If you’re stocked in your gameplay and want to know how to unlock Nightmare Mode on Phasma Phobia. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to easily unlock nightmare mode in Plasma Phobia.

If you have played the Phasmophobia game, you will understand how difficult it is to see the ghost. To do so, you will have to attain a certain level, so the higher your level, the more complex the game becomes.

However, getting to level 15, where you will become a professional and be able to unlock the nightmare mode in Phasmophobia, is one of the most difficult tasks in this game. So, by implication, at level 15, you will be able to unlock the nightmare mode.

How To Unlock Nightmare Mode On Phasma Phobia

To unlock Nightmare Mode on Phasma Phobia, you must attain level 15 as a ghost hunter. At level 15, you’re crowned a professional, and with your professional rank, you will be able to unlock Nightmare mode.

At level 15, you can play the nightmare mode, but it’s better to attain more levels up to 20 before emptying it. At level 15, moving forward to reach higher levels is not difficult.

Here’s To Unlock Nightmare Mode On Phasma Phobia

1. Attain Level 15 As A Ghost Hunter

To unlock the Nightmare Mode in the Phasmophobia ghost hunting game, you must first achieve level 15 rank as a ghost hunter.

2. Become A Professional Ghost Hunter

When you reach level 15, you’re something of a professional, and the professional difficulty is unlocked. You’ll be granted three times the cash rewards and two times the experience as a player. 

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So, with this new professional level, you will unlock Nightmare mode to a certain extent because ghosts become active while sanity decreases at 2x the speed of an amateur.

In addition, the hunting phase of the ghost will last for half a minute, and players that die will not get any of the money back from the things they took with them.

3. Unlock Nightmare Mode

Now, at level 15, you can unlock the nightmare mode in Phasmo Phobia Ghost Hunting Game. However, I will advise you to strive for more levels, up to level 20, for more reward and experience.

4. Achieve Level 20.

Even though Nightmare mode can be played at level 15, it is recommended that players wait until they have reached level 20 before attempting it. At level 20, you will get a 4x money reward and experience.

When you have reached level 15, you won’t have any difficulty attaining the next level up to 20 and beyond.

5. Finish Side Objectives

After you have achieved Night Mode and the Professional Difficulty, focusing on achieving the side objectives while exploring the area is essential.

6. Additional Funds For More Items

I recommend you level up to 20 because the extra money allows you to get more items. 

 Although it isn’t advisable to bring too much inside, you will need to do so when you begin playing Nightmare mode.

The ghost in the mode is difficult to capture at level 20, and it will most likely take a few tries before you get it perfect.

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How To Unlock Nightmare Difficulty

To unlock Nightmare Difficulty on Phasma Phobia, you must reach Level 20. At level 20, players will be rewarded with 4x the cash and an unspecified amount of experience.

It is presently unknown how much a player’s sanity will decrease compared to the other difficulty levels when playing on Professional. There is no setup time for this difficulty level either. Furthermore, it is unknown how many ghosts will become active.

It is important to remember that the Ghost’s hunting phase will be the longest of all the difficulty levels. Sanity pills will only restore 25% of a player’s sanity, as opposed to the typical 40%.

At the beginning of the investigation, the fuse box will be turned off, and the sanity monitor and the site activity monitor located within the truck will be broken.

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