How To Hide Razor Under Tongue

Are you wondering if it’s possible to hide a razor blade under the tongue? Stop worrying, I’ll show you how to hide a razor under your tongue.

Is it true that there isn’t any better hiding space in a human mouth that can comfortably accommodate the size of a razor blade? Well, it may be true or false.

But what if I told you there are a few tricks to hiding a razor blade in your mouth? Just read to the end while I show you how to hide a razor blade under your tongue.

How To Hide Razor Under Tongue

This article is for entertainment purposes only and not for practice. If you do it, you do so at your own risk. 

To hide a razor under the tongue requires extreme carefulness to avoid getting your tongue cut off. However, knowing how to work around it will allow you to conceal the razor in your mouth without causing any harm.

Here’s how to conceal the razor beneath the tongue:

1. Buy A Razor Blade

The first step is to buy a razor blade. You can buy one from the local stores in your neighborhood. A new razor blade is recommended for this because of rusting-related issues in the mouth.

A rusted blade contains iron oxide, which reacts with saliva in the mouth and can cause some flu-like illnesses. So, avoid using an old razor for this experiment.

2. Get A Paper Clip Or A Piece Of Athletic Tape.

Now wrap up the blade with a paperclip. Please make sure to wrap it as much as you can so it will be safe for you.

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After wrapping the blade with the paper clip, place the blade wrapped with the paper clip directly over your front teeth so that they support its weight.

Open your mouth very wide so the crowd doesn’t see what is going on in your This will also allow gravity to do its job. The more comfortable you are when opening your mouth, the better this trick works.

Warning: do not do this in public unless you have perfected the trick indoors first. And also be informed that putting sharp objects like razor blades inside your oral cavity is very dangerous.

3. Glue The Paper Clips With Your Tongue.

Glue the wrapped paper clips to the razor blade using your tongue and try to pass it off as if it were a toothpick.

When you get stopped, the crowd or whoever is watching you may want to throw some rhetorical questions at you. Just cover up by saying “it is part of the trick” or try to cover up with some kind of flimsy excuse.

4. Take The Blade Out Of Your Mouth.

After you have performed this trick, remove the blade from your mouth’s cavity. To do this, insert your finger into your mouth and gently pull the blade out.

You shouldn’t keep a razor blade or any other sharp object in your mouth for very long. The whole idea was to show that it is possible to hide a razor blade under the tongue in the mouth and not keep the blade perpetually in your mouth.

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Please don’t ask for permission before you remove the razor blade from your mouth; just do it! Even if the spectator doesn’t want to share your sentiment,

Final Remark

I hope you enjoyed this safe method for hiding a razor under your tongue. Thank you for reading, and always remember not to perform this art in public without perfecting it first in your closet. 

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