How Many Squishmallows Are There

One common question that many squishmallow collectors and fans often ask is “How Many Squishmallows Are There?”  Because squishmallow releases are like going concerns, the answer to this question is simple but technical.

As at 2022, there are 1202 Squishmallows characters released so far by Kellytoys LLC. You can see their names are all listed here in alphabetical order. This list will be continuously updated as soon as a new squishmallow is released.

In this post, you will learn most of the important and interesting facts about squishmallows, such as: squishmallow sizes, 2017 squishmallows, squishmallows limited edition, squishmallows factory, how many squishmallows are there, and many more.

What Is A Squishmallow

Squishmallow is a brand of stuffed and huggable plush toy that was launched in 2017 by Kelly Toys Holdings LLC. It is round and comes in different colors, sizes, characters, and textures.

So far, Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC has created over 2000 squishmallow characters with unique names and background stories. 

Depending on the size and retailer, prices can range between $5 and $2,800, but the rarest collections are often priced between $500 and $2,800.

Super Soft and Huggable Squishmallows

Super Soft and Huggable Squishmallows

These adorable companions were produced by Kellytoy using a highly soft, marshmallow-like texture and polyester. 

They are available in a number of sizes, ranging from clip-ons to an extra-huge 24 inches. With the addition of new styles like Hug Mees, Stackables, Mystery Squad, Flip-A-Mallows, and others, the Squishmallows product range is continuing to grow.

Squishmallow Sizes

Although squishmallows were originally available in only four sizes (the 3.5′′ clip on, 8′′, 13′′, and 16′′), Squishmallows are now available in a staggering twelve distinct sizes. The 20-inch size is the one that you’ve most likely seen at Costco before!

The following are the 12 sizes in which squishmallows come in.

  • 3.5-inch (The Smallest Squishmallow Size)
  • 5-inch,
  • 6-inch
  • 7-inch
  • 7.5-inch,
  • 8-inch,
  • 10-inch,
  • 12-inch,
  • 14-inch,
  • 16-inch,
  • 20-inch,
  • 24-inch (Biggest Squishmallow Size)

Squishmallow sizes are simply classified into four distinct categories as follows:

  1. Large 16 to 24′′ size 
  2. Medium 10 to  12″ size 
  3. Small 8 to 5″ size  
  4. Clip-on 3.5″ size

How Many Squishmallows Exist

How Many Squishmallows Are There

To be more specific, there are currently 2022 Squishmallow characters in existence and available for purchase around the world. 

Young fans might want to be as heroic as their favorite characters. Aside from having a distinct name and backstory, each Squishmallow has its own personality, which adds to the excitement.

Jonathan Kelly’s 2017 Squishmallows Debut

2017 Squishmallows

Since 2017, the Squishmallows have become a big hit all over the world. They provide comfort, support, and warmth as friends, sofa companions, bedtime partners, and travel partners for collectors.

With over 2,000 Squishmallows characters, it inspires young fans to strive to be as famous as their favorite Squishmallows characters.

Aside from having a distinct name and backstory, each Squishmallow has its own personality, which adds to the excitement.

According to Jazwares, the parent company of Kellytoy, the company that produced Squishmallows, more than 80 million of the soft, cuddly stuffed toys have been purchased by toy enthusiasts and collectors of all ages since their introduction in 2017.

Everyone, from young children to teens to adults, is getting into the spirit of the season by participating.

Squishmallows Limited Edition

The squishmallow limited editions are the super  adorable ones that come in cuddly Squishmallow form! The scented assortment that comes with squishmallow limited edition includes fun designs like stripes, rainbow, glitter, and more. 

Name of Some Limited Edition Squishmallow

Here are some of the limited edition squishmallows, they;re

1. Blossom Squishmallow

Blossom the sheep was produced through a limited cooperation between Kellytoy and Justice. Since Justice LLC was dissolved in 2021, Blossom has never been produced again, meaning that Blossom is already a limited edition Squishmallow, and will only continue to be more desirable by fans.

2. Mariah Squishmallow

One of the major reasons for Mariah’s limited edition squishmallow was because she was an Aldi grocery store exclusive throughout the first quarter of 2020. 

The “7” infantry/baby squad Squishmallows are all a little hard to come by, but Mariah is the most difficult to come by of all the baby squad.

Many of the most sought-after Squishmallows are only available at certain stores or for a limited amount of time (or both).

Mariah is the only highly sought-after collector’s limited edition squishmallow that often sells at auction for more than $800.

3. Axolotl Mystery Squad

For the Squishmallows Limited Edition Scented Axolotl Mystery Squad Pack, it comes with some unique specs:

4. The Beaver

Kellytoy Squishmallow Chip The Beaver Plush is one of the  Kelly Toy Limited Edition Valentine’s—16-inch”

5. Llamacorn Ensley

Llamacorn Ensley Squishmallows 16″ Limited Edition

Squishmallows Factory

Despite the fact that Squishmallow publicly verified on its Twitter handle that its factories are not located in the Chinese province of Wuhan, the Squishmallow manufacturing facility for Kelly Toys is located somewhere in the Jiangsu area of China.

The squishmallow factory in the Jiangsu province, is where handcrafted stuffed-animal versions of all characters are manufactured. and exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Russia.

China is a manufacturing powerhouse. Most likely, your mobile phone and clothing are both made in China, if not both of them. 

As a result, it will be impossible to boycott all products that are made in China. However, in the end, it is your decision, and you must do what you believe is best for yourself.

Manufacturing Materials For Original Squishmallow

Squishmallows are made of stretchy spandex and stuffed with polyester fiber for a soft and comfortable feel. It is essential for you to know that squishmallows are made in China, as stated by Squishmallows on their official Twitter account.

Squishmallows were originally made in four different sizes, but now they come in a total of twelve different sizes, from 3.5 inches to 24 inches.

Precautions For Squishmallows

Squishmallows should not be immersed since the fabric and stuffing will become damaged.  It is advisable to use a stain-removing pen or a damp washcloth to clean up the spot where the stain has formed, then dry it with a towel.

The drying temperature should not be too high in order to prevent the polyester filler from being damaged.

The three tags that are attached to the original Squishmallows can help you tell if the Squishmallow is fake or real.

It’s also important to let you know that Squishmallows has also expanded its product range to include HugMees, Squish-Doos, Heroes, Flip-A-Mallows, and Squishville, among other items.

Pricing And Collectability.

Pricing and collectability are important considerations.

Because there is so much demand for the plushies, squishmallows are often sold at a higher price by resellers.

The typical resale price for a Squishmallow varies depending on the size, quality, and rarity of the exact toy being offered for purchase.

Some Squishmallows, particularly those that are limited edition or the highly sought-after ones, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars from resellers and collectors.

Jack the Black Cat, distinguished by its closed white eyes and black whiskers, is one of the most sought-after Squishmallows that have been released to date. KellyToys released the limited-edition stuffed animal on their website in 2020, and it sold out within two hours of becoming live on the platform.

Jack the Black Cat is available for purchase on third-party websites such as eBay, where it is priced at roughly $2,000. Some of the most popular Squishmallows are Abe the salamander and Kendal the pumpkin spice latte, which are both available for purchase among the many different retailers.

Where To Buy Squishmallow

Where To Buy Squishmallow

Squishmallows were originally sold directly through the KellyToys website, and later became available in retail locations through partnerships with stores such as Walgreens. 

Squishmallows are available in different retail stores, including  

  • Walgreens,
  • Amazon,
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Five Below,
  • Costco,
  • Learning Express,
  • and more!

The more expensive and high-end squashmallows are offered at Hallmark, whilst the more affordable and low-cost squIshmallows may be obtained at Costco, Target, and Walmart.

Squishmallows can be bought in Canada, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among other places . Sources: ’ official About Page states:For a complete guide on Where To Buy Squishmallow.


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