Gordon Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know About It

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a squishy, gray Squishmallow and a member of the Sealife Squad from the Shark Class Squishmallow.

Gordon is one of the most affable Squishmallows you’ll ever meet. He is very lovely and affectionate, and everyone who comes across him will like to stick with him.

He is so passionate about assisting others that he aspires to start his own charitable organization one day. Gordom will, without a doubt, realize his ambitions someday.

About Gordon Squishmallow

Gordon Squishmallow

In appearance, Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a pale gray shark with three fins, two on either side of his body and one on top of his head.

Squishmallow Gordon has a white belly that is spherical in shape, which makes him super unique from the other squishmallows in the shark class.

Gordon’s squishmallow eyes are round and dark, and he has a tiny smile on his face. He is very handsome and everybody likes him.

Let’s talk about Gordon the Shark’s squishmallow features.

Gordom squishmallow has certain distinct features that distinguish him from the other seven members of the shark squishmallow class, such as:

What is Gordon’s color?

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a gray-colored plush teddy. See the 8 Shark Squishmallow And Their Names

To which squad does he belong?

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is a member of the complex sealife or seaworld squad.

How many sizes of Gordon Squishmallows are there?

There are six sizes of Gordon the Shark squishmallow available to buy:

  1. Gordon 2-inch”
  2. Gordon 3.5-inch”, 
  3. Gordon 7-inch”, 
  4. Gordon 8-inch “
  5. Gordon, 12-inch “
  6. Gordon 16-inch “a large and rare squishmallow)
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Gordons Squishdate

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow was released by Kelly Toys on October 22, 2018.


Gordon Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know About Him Before Buying

Apart from being a passionate and lovely plush toy, Gordon the Shark has other concerns that should be made known to squish lovers.

These facts about Gordon are important to buyers of this super awesome and lovable plush toy.

1 Manufacturing Material

A good squishmallow is packed with polyester fiber and made of fluffy spandex.

Ensure that the squish you are about to order is stuffed with original polyester fabrics and is made of soft spandex.

Check the product description if you are buying online and ensure it meets the manufacturing requirements explained above.

If you are buying from the brickwall store in your neighborhood, ensure you check the label to see that the production material is the above listed.

An original squishmallow may be identified by its three attached tags.

2. Pricing and Collectability of Gordon Squishmallows

To accommodate the huge demand for the toy, resellers regularly offer this squishmallow at a high price. However, you may get it straight from Kelly Toys Holdings at a lower price.

Gordon is currently out of stock at the Kelly Toys Holding LLC website, but you can get it at the following prices from resellers:

  • Amazon has an 8-inch for $48.00 (USD).
  • Ebay sells an 8-inch for $26.99.
  • Walmart sells a 16-inch for $49.99 (USD).
  • Etsy charges $38.95 for an 8-inch
  • Etsy at $20.75  for 5-inch
  • Toynk is priced at $49.99 (USD) for a 16-inch model.
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Note: 8-nchi “Gordon squishmallow plush toys are the ideal size for cuddling!

3. Where can you buy Gordon squishmallows?

Gordon the Shark squishmallow is available in a variety of everyday and seasonal flavors and is supplied by large, online, and specialized stores, including

  • Walgreens,
  • Amazon,
  • Five Below,
  • Costco,
  • Learning Express,
  •  CVS.
  • GameStop
  • and more!

Gordon the Shark Squishmallow is also available for purchase in several countries, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For a comprehensive list of where you can buy squishmallows online and offline, visit the top U.S. online retailer for squishmallows.

4. How Can You Wash Gordon Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are manufactured as machine-plush toys that can be washed in cold water to maintain their shape and cleanliness.

To wash your Gordon squishmallow, you need to have the following items available:

  1. A washing machine
  2. A pillow case
  3. A detergent 
  4. A Dryer

When you get these items ready, then visit how to wash squishmallow for a detailed guide on how you can wash any squishmallow.

The tutorial is structured in a very simple manner with pictorial illustrations to help you understand the process faster.

To avoid damaging the polyester filling, avoid allowing it to dry at high temperatures.

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