How to Tell If a Squishmallow Is Fake (2022 Updated)

Fake squishmallow is popping up every month is the most pressing issue in the squishmallow and toy industries right now. Some top and trusted online sellers are now selling fake squishmallows. I have personally seen fake ones on eBay and Amazon, because i know how to spot a fake squishmallow.

As a squishmallow collector, you may want to know how to tell if a squishmallow is fake or legit. This is mainly because you don’t want to buy a squishmallow knockoff, right?

Due to the proliferation of different squishmallow sellers in almost all the online market places like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., it has become a herculean task for most squishmallow collectors to spot fake squishmallows.

After reading this article, you will learn how to spot a fake squishmallow and be able to identify the difference between a real and fake squishmallow, as well as expose the squishmallow’s fake website.

Fake Squishmallow

What Exactly Is A Fake Squishmallow?

“Fake squishmallow” is a phrase that refers to a squishmallow plush that is not genuine or is an imitation intended to fool a collector into believing it is genuine or original. Additionally, it is used to refer to a fake or duplicate, as well as to mean to pretend.

How To Tell If A Squishmallow Is Fake Or Legit

Now let’s see the three tags that will help you spot easily whether squishmallow is fake or original. To know if a squishmallow is original, check at the bottom of the squishmallow. There are three little tags on it which show whether the squishmallow is fake or original:

  1. The first tag has an inscription that says “original squishmallows: squeeze and cuddle me,”
  2. The second tag has another inscription that says, “Kellytoy along with the information about the product.”
  3. The third tag has the squishmallow ID, batch, and production.
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Every original squishmallow produced by Kelly Toys must have these three tags at its back. Finally, there is also an additional tag that comes along with it, which has its own unique name and a short biography of the squishmallow. 

If your squishmallow does not have these three tags and an additional one that has the name of the squishmallow as well as the biography, then it is a fake.

Real Vs Fake Squishmallow

Real or Original SquishmallowFake or Knock off Squishmallow
1. Texture VariationSuishmallows, authentically made, have a velvety texture and a fluffy feel that fall in between a memory foam cushion and a real marshmallow.
2. ColorsThe original’s elastic outer layer also changes the color depending on the angle of the light.
3. StitchAnother distinction between genuine and counterfeit Squishmallows is the stitching. The bill of Avery the Mallard is made up of two components: tight stitching around the edges and a fuzzy substance encircling it. You’ll see that the false bill is entirely embroidered with some loose stitching.
4. PriceOriginal Squishmallows range in price from $2.99 to $99.99, depending on their size, which ranges from 3-inch micromallows to monstrous 24-inch plushies.

1. Texture VariationFake squishmallows are fairly flat due to their inability to imitate the polyester filling that gives them their memory foam-like texture.
2. ColorsThe fakes, on the other hand, look the same no matter what angle the light is coming from.
3. StitchFake Squishmallows are unable to mimic the fuzzy fabric used to create Squishmallow protrusions. For instance, the gills of an actual Irina the Axolotl are soft and strong, but those of a fake are weak and prone to ripping.
4. Price (Too Cheap Syndrome)The high asking price is due to the technology used to create the distinctive feel and touch of these toys. On the other hand, fake marshmallows are frequently marketed at a discount.

In comparison, genuine squishmallows have an amazing soft filling and a smooth, soft substance to the touch, which is why they are so popular in the United States and other nations.

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Squishmallows Fake Website

So we want to make sure you’re getting the original squishmallow and avert the knockoff. For this reason, we will be exposing some identified fake squishmallow websites. 

This list of fake and scam squishmallow websites will be continuously updated. List of fake squishmallow websites.



Squishmallowsus is the number one fake squishmallow website that has scammed so many squish collectors across the country. The website is disguised to be a U.S. website for squishmallows by adding “us” at the back of its domain.

Customers Review/Complaints

See what customers who have bought squishmallows on have to say


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For more customer reviews and complaints, see Trustpilot.


Another website that a Facebook user claims is a fake squishmallow website is Although not much information has been gotten from customers on the website, to be on the safe side, please avod 

Customer reviews and complaints



Recently, a slew of fake Squishmallows have appeared on the market (often priced lower than $28 because fake = cheap). Regrettably, they are not forthright about them being fake.

I’ve been collecting Squishmallows since it launched in 2017, and I can easily tell which ones are fakes based on the variance, like shape, color, texture, stitching, and so on.

There is unquestionably a qualitative difference between the original and imitation squishmallows. Fake squishmallows are not as soft as the real ones. The fake ones are usually stuffed with hard and stiff materials that are harsh to the touch.

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