Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows (Updated in June)

Do you recall the Beanie Baby craze that rocked the United States in the 1990s? The popular Squishmallow craze from Kelly Toys has been updated to be bigger, fluffier, and definitely softer.

But which squashmallow is the most rare? What is the rarest squishmallow? Let us find out.

Our squishmallow team sought out and collected the best and rarest squashmallows they could find, beginning with Halloween squashmallows and progressing to Christmas squashmallows.

15 of the Rarest Squishmallows Ever Made

Due to the large number of Squishmallow characters, some have appeared in fewer episodes than others. There are limited editions and promotional plushies that are a bit harder to find, and their scarce nature makes them expensive.

Collectors on sites like Mercari and eBay are now willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the rarest Squishmallows. These are the 15 rarest squashmallows.

1. Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Jack is a black cat Squishmallow with white whiskers and closed white eyes, like Hello Kitty. He is a powerful but quiet Squishmallow. Jack the Black Cat enjoys snuggling and is always willing to assist.

Jack The Black Cat Is The Rarest Squashmallow. The Select Series of Squishmallows contains some of the most coveted plushies in the whole collection. Unsurprisingly, 

Jack the Black Cat is the first in this series. He has white whiskers, closed white eyes, and a little pink lip.

According to his biography, he is powerful and quiet, as well as fiery and helpful. Jack the Black Cat may fetch up to $2,000 on auction platforms like eBay.


Jack the Cat is presently selling for $950.

2. Santino Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Santino the Platypus is a must-have for any collection of the rarest Squishmallows. He is dark brown in hue, with a duck-like beak and wide eyes.

Manufacturers like creating Squishmallow toys with endearing characters, and Santino is no exception. He enjoys blueberry pancakes and spends the most of his spare time playing soccer games.

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Santino is one of the most expensive and rarest Squishmallows. His character profile says that he is a pro at making blueberry pancakes, which is a family recipe he learned from his father.

Estimated Price

Santino the Platypus is priced between $1,100 and $1,500.

3. Mariah Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Mariah is one of the numerous lamb Squishmallows, and she, along with six other plushies, is a member of the Squishmallow Baby Squad.

Except for her white and cream-colored cheeks and ears, Mariah is rainbow-colored. Her eyes and mouth are black, and her nose is shaped like a delicate pink heart.

Her biography states that she enjoys horseback riding and horchata. She is considered dependable and nice.

4. Avery Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Avery is a squishy duck with a green head and a brown body. His tummy is tan, and his wings are an incredibly silky brown.

Don’t overlook this Squishmallow since he’s a member of the rugby squad! He also has a family that enjoys watching his games and provides popsicles to celebrate.

He belongs to both the Adventure and Farm teams. The Adventure Squad is filled with dinosaurs and other strange creatures. The Farm Squad consists of only six farm animals, including Avery.

Avery is a member of the Squishmallow rugby squad, according to his biography (he plays left wingman).

He aspires to be a coach and enjoys it when his family offers him a victory popsicle after a game. Avery sold for more than $500 at auction.


Avery the Duck is currently priced between $500 and $600.

5. Philippe Squishmallow

Philippe Squishmallow
Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Philippe is a green frog and a rare Squishmallow. His body is white, and he has a light pink heart on each cheek. 

At the top of his head, the edges of his black eyes are white.

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He is a member of the Valentine baby squad Squishmallows and likes to play hopscotch with his friends, especially Marco.

6. Lucille Squishmallow

Lucille is a Sealife Squad member and a seal Squishmallow. This was a cute sitcom that had 23 characters, including Lucille

. Her back story says she enjoys the ocean, diving for gems and rocks, and showing off her geology collection.

This white plush has black eyes, a nose, a mouth, and whiskers. She has small flippers, a grey nose, and a pale grey belly. Lucille the seal frequently sells for approximately $500 at auction.

7. Chanel Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Chanel is the name given to the Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow after the designer perfume.

She’s a Frenchie and a fancy pasty who enjoys cooking and being sweet, as one might assume.

She helps at local food banks and teaches other Squishmallows how to bake and decorate, according to her character biography.

8. Jackie Squishmallow

Jackie the Purple Tulip may be one of the Squishmallows toys that imitate Disney characters.

She has a similar vibe to French Fry Floyd, only she’s a tulip with dark purple petals all the way to the top of her head.

Large pale green leaves, black eyes, and a smiling mouth distinguish this limited-squishmallow. Jackie enjoys shopping with her sisters and going throwback hunting with them!

9. Daxxon Squishmallow

Daxxon is a rare alien squashmallow with a pattern of stars in purple, blue, and white. He has spots of dark purple, antennae, and a happy face.

This Squishmallow from another planet went a long way to join his fellow Squishmallows in taking over the world.

10. Louisa Squishmallow:

Louisa is a rainbow-colored penguin with a big beak and black circles for eyes. She has soft wings and a tiny crown on top of her head.

She’s easy to sell because she’s one of the Squishmallows who likes to ski.

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11. Connor The Cow Squishmallow

Connor is one of the rare Squishmallows that vendors frequently resupply since so many people like him.

He has black and white spots on his body, as well as little, pale horns and black eyes.

He is a Squishmallow athlete that enjoys riding his bike. This Squishmallow visited California (which he considers the coolest place he has ever been to).

12. Patty The Cow

Patty the Cow is one of the most popular Squishmallow plush toys due to her pastel pink patches and lavender purple touches on her ears.

She’s living with the Squishmallow family on a popular springtime farmer’s market stall. Consider a whole family of squishy, plushy delights!

What is the Most Expensive Squishmallow?

 The simple answer is Jack the Black Cat.  Jack the cat is the world’s rarest and most expensive squishmallow.

The most expensive squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat. It is currently selling as high as $950 to $2000 in top retail shops like Walmart and

Jack the Black is not just the most expensive squishmallow, but also the rarest squishmallow to buy.


Kellytoy Holding, LLC Squishmallows have been mass produced in hundreds of distinct variations, with over a thousand different characters currently up for grabs.

Those who own their rare and limited edition plushies have turned them into money-making ventures, fetching prices in the hundreds and even thousands of USD at the top end of the American market.

Their rare squishmallows, limited-edition holiday event plushies, commercial collaboration exclusives, and other collectibles have become extremely sought-after.

To find these ultra-rare plushie creatures to complete a series or start a new collection with a gem, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a significant amount of money on them.

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