Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

The most expensive and scarcest squishmallow character money can buy is referred to as the “Rarest Squishmallow.”

Secondly, the most rare and expensive squishmallow characters that are not readily available for purchase are called “Rare Squishmallows.”

These squishmallows are tagged as “rare squishmallows” because they are not readily available to buy at all time.

Not only are they rare squishmallows, but they’re also the most expensive squishmallows to buy since they’ve been selling for thousands of dollars.

In this post you will learn the answer to the following 

  1. Fact about Kellytoy squishmallow
  2. Rare squishmallows
  3. What is the rarest squishmallow
  4. Top 7 rare squishmallows list
  5. Most expensive squishmallow

Fact about Kellytoy Squishmallows

Since the launch of Squishmallow in 2017 by Kellytoy Holding LLC, these squishable plush toys have been flying off the shelves of almost every online and brick-and-mortar shops in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

As of the first quarter of 2022, the total number of Squishmallow collections available for buying and squeezing has exceeded 1100.

The figures mentioned above symbolize a variety of animals, sports, emotions, and even individual character names.

Each of the squishmallow characters has their own distinct stories to tell, as well as endearing personalities and biographies.

Due to the enormous number of potential characters, certain Squishmallow characters have been created less frequently than others, which makes them the rarest Squishmallows.

Limited editions and promotional plushies are provided to help preserve uniqueness (and, therefore, the price).

Squishmallow fans are eager and willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for them on websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Five Below, and CVS.

In this post, we have listed the top 7 rare squishmallows in ascending order. From the most uncommon to the least uncommon, as well as the most expensive squishmallow,

Rare Squishmallows

The rare squishmallows are those that are uncommon and not readily available to buy at all times.

These squishmallows are not just rare, but they are also very expensive to buy. The rare squishmallows are selling for between $800 and $2,000.

Later in this post, we will outline the top 7 rare squishmallows list, and also the most expensive squishmallow.

What is The Rarest Squishmallow

By addressing one of the most frequently asked questions, which is: what is the rarest squishmallow?

The answer is Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow. Jack is an exclusive edition of Kellytoy and is produced in limited quantities and is expensive to buy. He is the rarest squishmallow among the squishy plush toys.

Top 7 Rare Squishmallows List Selling Today

Below is the list of the top 7 rare squishmallows that you can buy today

1. Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

The rarest squishmallow of all time is Jack the Black Cat. Jack is the first Squishmallow in the all-new “Select Series,” which contains a black matte hang tag that indicates the figure is rare or limited edition.

A “500” insignia is embroidered on the inside of Jack’s left ear and on his gold sewn-in label, indicating his one-of-a-kind collectability. 

Jack is a 16-inch all-black cat with a limited edition of 500 available for purchase. Source Squishmallow Wiki

With the release of Jack the Cat in 2020, There was a report that it had been sold for $2,000, making it the most expensive squashmallow ever sold.

And today, the selling price is still very high, though not up to $2,000, but in the $950 to $1,000 range at Walmart and Stockx.

Biography of Jack the Black Cat

While Jack is a strong and silent type, he is always ready to provide a helping hand when you need him.

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He isn’t scared to stand out for himself or his buddies when the situation calls for it. Jack the Black Cat might be a little feisty at times, but he enjoys cuddling.

Jack enjoys giving back and believes that we should always be willing to provide a helping hand.

Features of Jack the Black Cat

There are a few distinguishable features that set Jack apart from other squishmallows, even in the cat squishmallow family. They are:


Jack is an all-black squishmallow with spots of white on his nose, ears, and eyelashes.

It has a 500 tag in his ear that speaks more of his uniqueness.


Jack belongs to the affluent select series squishmallow squad.


Jack the Black Cat is stuffed in two medium sizes, which include

  1. Jack the black cat, 12-inch, 
  2. “Jack the Black Cat, 16-inch”

He’s exclusive to just the two inches above.

Release Year

Jack the Black Cat was released in 2020.

Estimated Price

The current price is $950: The lowest bid in Walmart and is now $950 for the original Jack the Cat.

2. Santino Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

The second-rarest quishmallow is Santino the Platypus, a brown squishmallow that is loved by squish fans.

Santino the platypus made the top of the 7 rare squishmallows, because it was one of the most expensive squishmallows from Kellytoy Holdings LLC.

Biography of Santino

According to the producer, Santino prepares the best blueberry pancakes; his father taught him how to properly incorporate the blueberries into the batter.

When Santino isn’t busy preparing pancakes for all of his buddies, he will be on the pitch with friends playing football.

Santino loves playing soccer and has the dream that one day he will rise to become a professional goalkeeper.

Features of Santino

Santino is not just one of the rare squishmallows, it also has some distinguishable features.


Santino is a brown colored squishmallow from the platypus squish family.


Santino is one of the rarest squishmallows that is produced only in one size, which is:Santino 12-inch.

Release Year

Santino squishmallow were first released in 2020.

Estimated Price

Santino the Platypus is one of the most sought-after Squishmallows and regularly sells for between $1,000 and $1,500 whenever it is available for sale.

Currently, Santino, one of the rare squishmallows, is out of stock on many retail websites.

3. Mariah Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Mariah the Tie-Dye Lamb, a rainbow colored squishmallow from the Baby Squad, is the third of the rare squishmallows on the list.

In part, Mariah’s scarcity can be attributed to the fact that she was an Aldi grocery store exclusive throughout the second half of 2020.

Biography of Mariah

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Mariah? 

Horchata and horseback riding are two of this little lamb’s favorite pastimes, and he will always have your back.

Mariah’s favorite location to visit is the stables, where she can spend time with her pony, Bernard.

Features Mariah

A few of the features that distinguished Mariah from other squishmallows are as follows:


Mariah is a rambow-colored squishmallow from the lamb squish family.


Mariah Squishmallow belongs to the baby squad class.


As a rare squishmallow, the Mariah is produced only in one size, which is the Mariah 7-inch.

The Year of Release

Mariah was released in 2020.

Estimated Price

Mariah is a highly sought-after exclusive that regularly sells for well north of $750 and $800 whenever it is available for sale.

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Currently, Mariah, one of the rare squishmallows, is out of stock on many top retail websites, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

4. Avery Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Avery the duck squishmallow is a beautiful green and brown duck squishmallow that belongs to the mallard class.

Avery Squishmallow is a skillful rugby winger for the Mallard Squishmallow team, and a powerful wingman for that matter.

Avery Biography

Don’t let Avery’s small stature deceive you; he is a talented left winger for the Squishmallows rugby team who hopes to one day become a coach.

His entire family comes to watch, and they bring popsicles to share after the game to celebrate their victory.

Features of Avery

Some distinguishable features of Avery are


Avery squishmallow is produced in two dominant colors, which are

  1. Avery Green color
  2. Avery Brown color


Avery belongs to the Adventure squad squishmallows


Avery the duck is produced in the following sizes

  • Mallard duck 2 “inch
  • Squishmallow Avery, 3.5″
  • Avery squishmallow, 7″ inch
  • Avery the Duck Squishmallow, 8″ inch
  • Duck Squishmallow, 12″ inch
  • 16″ Mallard the Duck Squishmallow

Release Year

Avery the duck was release on the 15, April 2019

Estimated Price

At retail sites, Avery frequently sells for well over $500 to $600 whenever it is commercially accessible.

This rugby game player, one of the rare squishmallows, is now unavailable on a number of popular retail websites, including Kellytoy, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

5. Philippe Squishmallow

The Philippe squishmallow is a green frog-type squishmallow that originated from the Valentine squish squad.

Philippe is all-round green with a white belly. It has his two eyes seated on the top of his head.

His strange nostrils are located above his wide, emailing mouth, and he has a pale pink love inscription on his two cheeks.

Philippe the Frog Squishmallow Biography

Philippe Squishmallow
Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Philippe is a hopscotch game lover and derives joy from playing the game with his friends, especially Marco.

Philippe is also fond of taking photos of his family as well as his friends, especially during the Valentine celebration.

What is Philippe’s color?

Philippe, the frog squishmallow, is a green-colored squish.

Philippe Squad

Philippe belongs to the great Valentine squad.

Philippe Sizes

Philippe comes only in two sizes, including

  1. Philippe squishmallow, 8-inch
  2. Philippe squishmallow, 16 

Estimated Price

Philippe is perpetually a promotional Squishmallow for the holiday, which has earned him an uncommon notoriety since his 2017 debut.

If bidding is competitive, Philippe may cost approximately $530 to $540 at the majority of the main online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, etc.

6. Lucille Squishmallow

Lucille the Seal is a white squishmallow from the Gigantic Sealife Squad and a member of the Seal squishmallow family.

Lucille is a white seal with two flat flippers on each side, one on each side of her body.

Her muzzle and tummy are round and pale gray in color.

Her entire face, including her nose, lips, round eyes, short lashes, and whiskers, is painted in a dark shade of black.

Lucille the seal is another expensive squishmallow that has ever been sold.

At the release of this squishable plush, it was sold for hundreds of dollars.

Lucille Biography

One thing that gives Lucille happiness is the fact that she lives near the ocean.

Whenever she goes diving, she always discovers new species, hidden treasures, and her favorite rocks, which she collects.

You want to inquire about her incredible rock collection by contacting

Features of Lucile the Seal

Some of the unique features of Lucille the Seal Squishmallows are as follows:

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Lucille is a white-colored squishable plush toy.


Lucille the seal belongs to the sealife squad.


Lucille squishy marshmallows are produced in four distinct sizes. They are:

  1. “Lucille 3.5–inch, “
  2. “Lucille 5-inch”, 
  3. “Lucille 8-inch”, 
  4. “Lucille 12-inch “


Lucille squishmallow was first released on October 22, 2018.

Estimated Price

Lucille, The seal was regularly sold for $500 to $520 at retail stores. whenever it is available for sale.

Currently, this water lover, and one of the rare squishmallows, is out of stock on many top retail websites, including Kellytoy Holdings, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Now that you have learnt the top 7 rare squishmallows ever sold and their prices since 2017, when Jonathan Kelly launched it, So let’s see the most expensive squishmallow.

7. Chanel Squishmallow

Top 7 Most Expensive and Rare Squishmallows By Kellytoys

Chanel the  Cinnamon Roll is the least of the rare squishmallows because it is one of those limited editions of the Jonathan Kelly squisihmallows. 

Chanel has consistently sold at a high price since its release, and the price remains high today. 

The Chanel Cinnamon Roll is a tan squishmallow that was named after Coco Chanel in honor of her designer perfume.

Chanel is a light brown pastry with a thin layer of white icing on top.

Icing covers her head and runs down her body, and she has a brown swirl on her forehead that is loosely in the shape of a heart.

Her eyes are big and black with short lashes, and she has crimson-red lips.  

Chanel Biography

Chanel, the cinnamon roll, would like to welcome you. The pastry maker is a little bit sweeter than ordinary pastry, and she enjoys giving back to the community.

In her spare time, Chanel enjoys volunteering at the local food pantry and teaching cake-making and decorating workshops.

Features of Chanel the  Cinnamon Roll

Some of the unique features of this rare squishmallow will be outlined below.


Chanel is a tan and white-colored plush toy. This Valentine’s squishmallow is adored by many squish lovers.


Chanel the Cinnamon Roll belongs to the Valentine squishmallow squad.


This Cinnamon Roll is produced in four distinct sizes, which include the following

  1. “Chanel 5-inch”,
  2. “Chanel 7-inch”, 
  3. “Chanel 8-inch”
  4. “Chanel 12-inch”


Chanel was released on April 24, 2020.

Estimated Price

Chanel was a Valentine’s Day special plush in 2020 when it was launched.

 He was the featured Squishmallow, which sold for as much as $450 to $470 when the bidding was fierce.

What is the Most Expensive Squishmallow?

 The simple answer is Jack the Black Cat.  Jack the cat is the world’s rarest and most expensive squishmallow.

The most expensive squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat. It is currently selling as high as $950 to $2000 in top retail shops like Walmart and

Jack the Black is not just the most expensive squishmallow, but also the rarest squishmallow to buy.


Kellytoy Holding, LLC Squishmallows have been mass produced in hundreds of distinct variations, with over a thousand different characters currently up for grabs.

Those who own their rare and limited edition plushies have turned them into money-making ventures, fetching prices in the hundreds and even thousands of USD at the top end of the American market.

Their rare squishmallows, limited-edition holiday event plushies, commercial collaboration exclusives, and other collectibles have become extremely sought-after.

To find these ultra-rare plushie creatures to complete a series or start a new collection with a gem, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a significant amount of money on them.

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