Easter Cow Squishmallow: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

This Easter cow squishmallow is a Kellytoys unique seasonal decor plush toy for Easter homes and offices decoration.

The Easter squishmallow cow is a special doll from Kellytoys which is highly demanded during the Easter season.

The toy is indeed a super soft toy for children and adults, specially made to fill your heart with joy and give you companionship.

About Kellytoys’ Easter Cow Squishmallow

Easter Cow Squishmallow

This squishmallow was first produced by Kellytoys in 2019 during the Easter season and is named “Easter Cow Squishmallow.”

Surprisingly, the toy swept the season like a wide fire. The company was not able to meet the demand for the dolls in that season.

Two years later, the Easter squishmallow became very popular in the United States, hence the demand kept rising.

Thanks to Kellytoys for giving us this super plush squishmallow Easter cow, and also making it readily available on all top US online retailers.

Easter cow Squishmallow: 7 Facts You Should Know About

Before you buy the season easter cow squishmallow, there are few things you need to know about the toy

This key information will guide you to buy the right Easter cow squishmallow.

The reason for this post is to help you to buy the right brand and orignally stuufed squishmallow.

1.The Production Material

Due to the proliferation of different brand of squishmallow in the market, its important you know best brand among all.

The production fabrics are one of the first things you look for in the very squishy marshmallow.

This is important because you don’t want to buy a squishy marshmallow toy that will lose its shape after you wash it.

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Currently, the best easter cow squishmallow, is the Kellytoys brand of squishmallow cow easter.

We highly recommend that you buy the Kellytoys brand of Easter cow squishmallow.

Kellytoys brand of squishmallows are produced with high quality polyester fabrics, that can not easily lose its shape even after multiple washes

2. Size of this Squishmallow

Primarily, the first batch of Easter squishmallow was produced in 24 inch. But currently its produced in all sizes and inch.

As of the time of this publishing post, Kellytoys cow squishmallows are produced in the following sizes:

  • Easter plush cow squishmallow, 8 in.
  • Easter cow squishmallow plush measures 12 inches.
  • 14 inch squishmallow easter cow
  • Easter squishy cow squishmallow 16 inch plush
  • 24 inch easter cow squishmallow plush

So, with the variety of sizes, you can choose from any size or inch of your choice and buy it.

Now that you’ve learned about the various sizes, you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Always remember, that as the size varies so also the prices. Check out the different squismallows sizes.

3. What is the price of the Squishmallow Easter cow?

Easter cow squishy marshmallow plush prices range from $11 to $60.

The lowest price of the squishmallow Easter cow is $11, the average price is $28, and the highest price is $60.

Again, you buy any of this plush that your budget can accommodate.

4. Color and Brand

The common colors of the Easter cow squishmallow are

  1. Blue easter cow squishmallow
  2. Brown Cow Easter Squishmallow
  3. Pink Easter Cow Squishmallow
  4. Purple Easter Cow Squishmallow
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As for the brand, we strongly recommend you buy the Kellytoys brand.

Reason is that Kellytoys squishmallows are produced and stuffed with the best and original polyester fabrics.

Get the Kellytoys brand of Easter cow squishmallow and you’re guaranteed durability, even with multiple washes. See the Color Page for more colors

5. Return Policy and Packaging

It is embarrassing when you receive a poorly packaged items from the delivery agent.

Apart from the Kellytoys’ reputation for original fabric-stuffed squishmallows, another reason we strongly recommend the Kellytoys brand is the professionally packaged items.

Another aspect of online shopping that’s worth checking out is the refund policy.

Because Amazon has the best customer-friendly return policy, we also recommend that you buy your squishy marshmallow from Amazon.

And your 100& refund is guaranteed, if for any reason you don’t like the easter cow squishmallow again.

You can ask for a refund with a few clicks of the button.

6. Where can you buy Easter Cow Squishmallow?

The Easter cow squishmallow can be purchased from the following online retailers:

  1. Walmart.com
  2. Amazon.com
  3. Ebay.com
  4. Etsy.com
  5. Walgreen’s.com
  6. Squishmallow.com

Again, we highly recommend that you make all your online purchases on Amazon for maximum security and protection.

Please see my complete post on where to buy Squishmallws.

7. How to wash ester cow squishmallow

You’re worried about what to do when your dearest super easter cow squishmallow plush gets dirty or stained,

Well, don’t worry about that again because I have good news for you.

The easter cow squishmallow is a machine washable toy, and you can wash it when it is dirty without inflicting any damage to it.

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This post will direct you to the step-by-step procedure for washing the squishmallow when it’s dirty and

How to also clean the squishmallow if it gets stained with minor stains?

Please follow our step-by-step instructions for washing squishmallow.


Kellytoys Squishmallow Cow Easter Decor was specially made to fill your Easter with joy and happiness.

Go ahead and give your Easter a colorful decoration with this awesome plush squishmallow Easter cow toy.

Finally, we would like to hear your view, opinion, or experience with this super soft squishmallow in the comments box.

Thanks for reading.

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