Do Not Buy From Squishmallowsus: It Is A Scam Website

 Do not buy from squishmallowsus, which is located at, because it is a scam online store. Even the contact details from the website are fake.

 Very often on the internet, many squishmallow collectors keep on asking the following questions, such as: 

  •  Is legit?
  • Is squishmallowsus a scam?
  • Can I buy from squishmallowsus? 

So, in this brief post, I will provide an unbiased review of This review is based on my personal experience with the vendor. So read to the end to find out if is legit or a scam.

What Is A Fake Squishmallow?

A fake squishmallow is a substandard plushie marshmallow that is stuffed with a fake spandex polyester fabric. In most cases, these fake squishmallows are stuffed with ordinary form or mattras, which makes them not cuddleable.

So it’s important for every squishmallow collector to be aware of how to tell if a squishmallow is fake. Your ability to spot a fake squishmallow from afar will help you escape the dilemma of being a victim of a fake squishmallow buyer.

There is a list of fake squishmallow websites that you can check out also, but in that case, you will be very careful to avoid them.

Is Legit?

No, squishmallowsus, located at, is not legitimate, and I strongly advise you to avoid the faceless marchant website. 

They are not trusted online stores, and they sell fake squishmallows. A search of their address shows no valid company or residential home. Please stay away from them. 

Is Squishmallowsus A Scam?

_Fake Squishmallowsus (1)

Yes, Squishmallowsus is a scam and should be avoided at all cost. You can check out Trust Pilot for real buyer reviews, except for a few paid reviews that will say otherwise. They’re scammers, and do not buy squishy marshmallows from them.

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My Bad Experience With Squishmallowsus

Last December, I ordered Avery from the website, and suddenly, after I made the payment using my PayPal account, something spurred me to research the merchant, but I couldn’t find a better review about them.

 So I quickly asked for a refund but was given the condition that I could only ask for a refund if the item was delivered.

I waited for days before the fake squishmallow was delivered to me. It was then that I discovered that the squishmallowsus merchant was from China and not the U.S., as they claimed.

So, I check to know if the squishmallow been delivered to me cuddleable and soft, not soft as original squish and not huggable.

In the return policy section, the vendor categorically stated that you’re free to return it back to China. The cost of returning the item to China will be $289, whereas the cost of the squishmallow is $185.

I have given the squishmarshmallow to charity. I made another one from Kellytoys stores on Amazon, which took just 3 days to deliver to me. Not only that, Kellytoys was fast, but they also delivered original plush for me. Special thanks to Kellytoys’ Holdings

My Verdict:

Do not fall for the squishmallowsus scam. From all indications, is not trustworthy to buy anything from.

Finally, the website may be phishing your information, especially your card details. Do not buy anything from “squishmallowsus” that is located at because it’s a scam.

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