Top 8 Cutest Disney Squishmallows To Buy

The Disney Squishmallows, which many squish lovers have been waiting to see for quite some time, have finally come, and they are now available for you to add to your collection.

It’s fascinating to note that all Disney squishmallows are members of an exclusive club, and the licensed characters are pushing the squishmallow obsession to a whole new level.

As discussed in this post, every collector should have at least one of these 10 adorable Disney Squishmallow characters in his or her collection. So make sure you scroll all the way to the end to pick your favorite character..

The Names of Disney Squad Characters

The Disney Squad has seven characters that they started with; they’re:

  • Mickey, 
  • Minnie, 
  • Winnie the Pooh, 
  • Stitch,
  • Nemo, 
  • Dumbo, 
  • Buzz Lightyear

Disney is yet to expand to include other characters. Will they be adding any more in the near future? We sincerely hope so, since this is the softest, squishiest Disney collaboration we’ve seen thus far.

View the list of the top 10 Disney Squishmallows that have been released so far, as well as where you may get your hands on one in the sections below.

The Cutest Disney Squishmallows For Your Collection

The Disney Squishmallows collection includes squishy renditions of characters from Disney films. 

The release of these characters was delayed until 2020. They are only available in one size, which is either 14 “, 10 “, 5 or 15 “, depending on the character.

1. Mickey Mouse Disney Squishmallow 14-inch

The 8 Cutest Disney Squishmallows to Buy + 1. Mickey Mouse Disney Squishmallow 14-inch

The Mickey Mouse-Disney Ultrasoft Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Squishmallow by Official Kellytoy Plush 14-inch is one of the cutest Disney squishmallows to add to your collections.

Mickey Mouse is primarily a black, red, and white squishmallow from the Disney squad. Mickey was released in 2020 along with other members of the squad.

Where To Buy Mickey Mouse Squishmallow Disney

Mickey Mouse Disney ultrasoft plush is listed at Walmart for $38.99.

2.  Dumbo the Elephant 8-inch squishmallow

2.  Dumbo the Elephant 8-inch squishmallow

Another Kelly Toys Disney version is Dumbo the Elephant, a plush super soft doll. You wonder what could be more magical than a Dumbo Squishmallow in the Magic Kingdom. From the Denton squishmallow crew, Not much, in our estimation.

Where To Buy Dumbo the Elephant

You can buy Dumbo the elephant at a very low price at Walmart for approximately $24.95.

3. Pluto Squishmallow 10-Inch

3. Pluto Squishmallow 10-Inch

Another cute plush to add to your collection is the Pluto Disney squish. This squishmallow comes in only 10-inch sizes. 

We’re still perplexed as to why Pluto is considered a pet yet Goofy is not. When you’re Walt Disney, things don’t have to make sense all of the time.

Even though all of the Disney Squishmallows on our list, like the cute Dumbo Squishmallow above, look like they are real, you should read our guide on how to tell if a Squishmallow is real before buying one.

Where To Buy Pluto Disney

The 10-inch pluto Disney squishmallow is available to buy at Walmart for just $34.99.

4. Minnie Mouse Squishmallow (16-Inch)

4. Minnie Mouse Squishmallow (16-Inch)

This is yet another cute Disney squishmallow character that has been released by Kellytoys. Minnie Mouse squishmallow (16-inch) is a soft stuffed cute plush.

 Until now, this Minnie Mouse Squishmallow has been the largest Disney squishmallow we’ve come across.

Where To Buy Minnie Mouse Squishmallow

Per our check, the 16-inch Minnie Mouse Disney Squishmallow by Kelly toy is available to buy at Walmart for $49.97.

5. Disney Donald Duck 8-inch

5. Disney Donald Duck 8-inch

The Kelly Toys Disney Donald Duck 8-inch squishmallow is considered one of the cutest of the Disney squad. He’s a cool white and blue squishmallow with a bold red tie.

The Disney Donald Duck Squishmallow is cuter than the normal Donald Duck character. 

Compared to the normal Donald Duck, this Disney  replica appears to be much more cuddly and enjoyable to snuggle with.

Where To Buy Donald Duck Squishmallow

The Disney Donald the Duck 8-inch squishmallow is available in various online retailers. However, it is listed at Walmart for $23.99.

6. Disney Goofy Squishmallow

6. Disney Goofy Squishmallow

If you still have room for it, the Disney Goofy 10-inch plush is what you need to give your collection a different look.

The only thing that is goofy about Disney Squishmallows is how difficult it is to resist the temptation to buy them all. They’re not prohibitively costly, either, so if you have the space, go ahead and get one.

After all, they might wind up becoming important collector’s items in the future.

Where To Buy Disney Goofy Squishmallows

Like other Disney swuishmallow characters, Goofy Disney squishmallow is listed on different online and offline stores for collection. 

At Walmart, Goofy 10-inch squishmallow is available for purchase for $33 only.

7. Winnie The Pooh Squishmallow 8-inch

7. Winnie the Pooh Squishmallow 8-inch

The Squishmallows Disney Winnie the Pooh 8 Inch Plush is a cute and adorable squish. In fact, if you’re a squsihmallow fan and honey is your favorite, I’d encourage you to buy this toy.

So in order to keep it clean and gloomy, always make sure you pamper him like an egg in your hand.

Though you can wash him when he gets dirty, you must also remember that washing squishmallows is not as easy as washing your normal clothes. 

However, do not worry much about washing your squishmallows because we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you on how to wash squishmallows.

The 8-inch Winnie the Pooh squishmallow comes in a compact size and is small enough to have him sitting on your desk 

Where To Buy Winnie Squishmallows

8-inch Winnie the Pooh squishmallow is available to buy at Walmart for $24.99. However, you can also check Amazon and other stores to see if you can get him at lower price.

8. Mickey Mouse Squishmallow 12-Inch 

8. Mickey Mouse Squishmallow 12-Inch 

The cutest Disney squishmallows are found among the Mickey Mouse Disney squad. This black, red, and pink squishmallow is one of the cutest in the Mickey squad.

This iconic Mickey plush is now available in a more manageable size of 12 inches. You know, there’s only so many of those big squishmallows you can take before it gets to be too much, right?

Where To Buy Mickey Mouse Disney Squishmallows

Like other squishmallows on the market, the Mickey Mouse squishmallow is available to buy on Amazon and a host of other retailers.

But at the moment, you can buy the Squishmallows Kellytoy Disney 12″ Mickey Mouse Plush Doll Super Soft at $24.99 at Walmart.


Do you think there are more of the cutest Disney squishmallows we didn’t list here? If so, feel free to list them in the comments section and we will update the list.




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