Cow Squishmallow Names List: 7 Things Should Know Before You Buy

Cow squishmallow is the collective name for all squishmallows in the family of cow squish types. They are quite popular with adults and children over the age of three. The cow squishmallows are super cute plush dolls.

Since the beginning of squish toys, the Cow squishmallow class has been the most popular squishmallow family, with over 49,000 searches in the U.S. Google search each month by hungry customers looking for this plush to buy.

There are currently twenty (20) squishmallow characters in the cow squishmallow class. In this post, we’ll go over each of them in depth, including their personalities and brief bios, as well as where to get them and how to clean them when they become dirty.

List Of All Cow Squishmallow Names

Now let us go through the 20 cow squishmallow characters in alphabetical order so that you can have a better understanding of each before you buy it. The 20 cow squishmallows you can buy are:

1. Armie Squishmallow

Armie Squishmallow

Armie the Highland Cow is in the cow squishmallow family and a sweet blue Easter Squad Squishmallow that is adored by everyone. I hope you buy Armie in the coming Easter season. Yes, you will

Armie Short Biography

Let me introduce you to Armie the cow. Since he was a small ‘Mallow, he has been a train enthusiast. 

He even has a miniature railroad track running through his bedroom! Armie enjoys making movies of his favorite trains passing by the station. Everybody aboard!

Armie’s Physical Appearance

Armie squishmaalow is a sky blue cow with a longer patch of cream fur that resembles a fringe. Additionally, his belly is creamy and fluffy. He has an off-white muzzle and non-fluffy inner ears. 

He possesses silver-sparkling slender, curled horns that protrude from his head. The portions are denoted by thin brown lines. His eyes are round and black, his nostrils are turquoise, and he has a little smile.


Armie the highland cow is a blue colored squishmallow.


Armie belongs to the highly celebrated  Easter squishmallow squad. Very adored and welcome by many


Armie is one of the rare squishmallows that were produced in single size called Armie squishmallow 16 inches

2. Belana Squishmallow

2. Belana Squishmallow

Belama the Cow is a pale blue Squishmallow from the Easter Squad. The creative painter belongs to the cow squishmallow family.

Belana squishmallow is a creative and artistic painter.who enjoys painting various objects, such as nature and other animated objects.

Belana’s Short Biography

This artistic cow enjoys painting and has aspirations of attending art school in the future. She creates paintings on furniture and woodwork that her brother Ronnie has made.

After school, she wants to start a gallery where people can come and see their furniture.

Belana’s Physical Appearance

Belana’s coat is predominantly white, with a few patches of bright teal on her lower left side and on her right ear, which are the only colors she has.

Her horns are small and pale blue, while her eyes are round and black. Her muzzle is pale pink, and her nostrils are turquoise in color.

Her 16-inch figure is draped in a mint green scarf with a paisley motif on the reverse.


Now let us take a look at some of the major features of the squishmallow Belana. 

Squishmallow Class

Belana the cow, as the name suggests, is a member of the giant cow squishmallow.


Belana is a teal and white super plush toy from Kelly Toys Holdings.


Belana the çow is a member of the Easter squad squish type.


Belana comes in five different sizes, which include both small, medium and large sizes. The following are the sizes of Belana, the cow squishmallow that you can buy.

1.       Belana squishmallow 3.5-inch”,

2.       Belana squishmallow 5-inch”,

3.       Belana squishmallow 8-inch”,

4.       Belana squishmallow 12-inch”,

5.       Belana squishmallow 16-inch”

Squish – Date

Belana was released in 2021 by Kelly Toys Holding, making it one of the newest squishmallows on the market right now

3. Belozi Squishmallow

3. Belozi Squishmallow

.Belozi the Cow is a rainbow squishmallow that is only available at Five Below. So, by implication, you can only buy this adorable plush toy at Five Below retail stores across the United States.

Belozi squishmallow is an adorable plush toy with a beautiful rainbow color design. It is one of the 13 squishmallows that are exclusive to Five Below.

Belozis’s Short Biography

Belozi is a person you should get to know. This stylish dresser enjoys being noticed, sometimes because of his good looks, and other times because of his generosity.

Belozi lives by two basic rules: always put your best foot forward and always treat others with respect, no matter what.

Belozis’ Physical Appearance

Belozi is a white and rainbow cow squishmallow with a white and rainbow rump and tail.

In bands of pastel rainbow stripes, he has painted his right ear, around his left eye, and all the way around his stomach.His horns are a vibrant azure color, and his eyes are round and black.

He is dressed in a bow tie that matches the color of his horns. Both the inside of his ears and the inside of his muzzle have a peach pink color.


There are a few unique features of the squishmallow belozi that I will briefly explain here.

Squishmallow class

Belozi the Cow Squishmallow belongs to the cow squish family.


Belozi is a rainbow-colored squishmallow with a combination of multiple colors, with white as the dominating color.


Belozi is one of the few squ8shmallows that were produced in a single size or inch. So we only have the Belozi squishmallow.8-inch


Belozi was first released on November 28, 2021, making it among the newest squishmallows to buy.

4. Bubba Squishmallow

Cow Squishmallow bubba

Bubba the Bull or Cow is a purple squishmallow from the Easter Squad that looks like a bull or a cow. 

Due to his average height, the center midfielder is not distracted by the joking of the other team. The midfielder is focused on his game.

Bubba the Squishmallow is a very cute plush toy that catches the attention of everyone who comes across him. He is so very soft and very beautiful.

Bubbas’ Brief Biography

The talented player who is always positioned in the middle of the court is who I’m talking about. It’s none other than Bubba the purple cow!

Despite the fact that he is not particularly tall, Bubba never lets the detractors get him down.

In addition to being lightning quick, his layup is the team’s secret weapon. He might even make it to the professional level one day!

Bubba’s physical appearance

In addition to being purple, Bubba has a big, darker purple patch above his right ear that stands out against the rest of his body. His horns are cream in hue, and his eyes are round and black.

His inner ears, muzzle, and belly are all bright white. His abdomen is striped with purple splotches that are the same color as the patch on his ear, which makes him look like a lion.


Okay, it’s time to look at the distinct characteristics of Bubba the cow squishmallow.

Sqishmallow Class

Bubba is a cow squishmallow as well as a cow-type squish.


Bubba the Cow or Bull is a purple-colored squishy plush.


The squishmallow Bubba is a member of the adorable Easter Squad.


Bubba is only produced in two medium sizes, or inches. They include

  • 8-inch Bubba squishmallow,
  • 9.5-inch Bubba squishmallows


Bubba was first released to the public on November 9, 2020.

5. Caedyn Squishmallow

Caedyn Squishmallow

Caedyn the Cow is a pink squishmallow from the Valentine Squad. The movie lover is one of the squishy classes that has been trending for a while now.

Caedyn Squishmallow is a white cow class plush toy that has been on top of Google search results for “softest plush toy.” She is one of the most popular characters in the cow squish class.

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Caedyns’s Brief Bio

Do you enjoy apple pies and movie nights as much as I do? Caedyn feels the same way! She enjoys baking pies and watching scary movies, particularly when there is a movie marathon going on.

She likes monster movies, especially when they come with a side of freshly baked pie. Would you like to come along with her?

Caedyn’s Physical Appearance

Caedyn is a predominantly white cow with streaks of pink on her back and sides. Besides the hot pink patch on her lower left side and the pale pink patch over her right ear, she also has a few more tattoos.

Her horns are short and trapezoidal in shape, and her eyes are round and black. Her left ear is pink on the inside, whereas her right ear is white. Her muzzle is pale pink, and her nostrils are heart-shaped and hot pink in color.


Like other squishmallows, Caedyn is also unique in her way. So what are Caedyn’s features? They are

Squish Class

Caedyn is from the cow squishmallow family and is also one of the most popular characters in the family.


Caedyn the Cow Squishmallow is a charming pink-colored plush toy.


Caedyn is produced in four unique sizes, including small, medium, and large sizes. The sizes are

  1. Caedyn squishmallow, 5-inch, “
  2. Caedyn squishmallow, 8-inch “
  3. Caedyn squishmallow, 12-inch “
  4. Caedyn squishmallow, 16-inch “


Caedyn the cow was released on July 20, 2021, making it one of the new squishes recently launched.

6. Calton Squishmallow

6. Calton Squishmallow

This fluffy brown squishmallow is a perfect cook who loves cooking every kind of food, especially pie and other sweet fries.

Calton the Highland Cow is a fluffy, brown squishmallow with an adorable and charming appearance. Calton is indeed one of the softest cow squishmallow plushies.

Calton’s Short Biograhpy

Calton will teach you how to cook! He enjoys cooking, and he enjoys everything from lasagna to creating pot pies.

In his spare time, Calton enjoys a little nap in between cooking up a nice meal for his guests. When it comes to cooking, what kind of cuisine Calton teaches you how to make is up to you.

Calton’s Physical Appearance

Calton is a fluffy brown cow with a patch of longer white fur that resembles a fringe on the back of his neck. His muzzle, belly, and inner ears are not fluffy, and he has an off-white muzzle and belly.

His horns are small and curled, and they sit far away from his head, glistening silver. The portions are denoted by thin brown lines. His eyes are round and black, and he has brown nostrils and a tiny smile on his face.

Calton’s Squishmallow Characteristics

Calton is a peculiar squishmallow with some unique characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the cow squishmallow family. Some of these features include:

Squishmallow Type

He called him Calton the Highlander, because he was a highland type of squishmallow.


Calton the Highland Cow Squishmallow is a brown-colored squishmallow with patches of white on his head, horn, and belly.


Calton was only produced as a medium-sized squishmallow. With just Calton 12-inch squishmallows available on the market,


Calton was first released in 2021, making it one of the newest plushies you can buy.

7. Calynda Squishmallow

7. Calynda Squishmallow

If pink is your favorite color and you want to add some pink plush toys to your toy collection, you’ve come to the right place. Because you are going to learn everything about this lovely pink plush. Calynda is one squishmallow that women and kids adore so much.

Calynda squishmallow is one of the cutest plush toys in the cow squishmallow family. He’s pink in color, with spots of multiple colors on his body.

Calynda’s Biography

Calynda the cow has no known biography. The reason why the promoter failed to publish his biography remains a mystery to unravel. But rest assured that we will publish it here whenever it is made public.

Calynda’s Physical Appearance

Calynda is a pink cow with two solid-colored “spots” that are a deeper shade of pink than the rest of her body. One is positioned in the top right corner and is visible from the front due to the way it covers her right ear and the region above her eyes.

The other is in the opposite corner on the bottom. She can only be seen from the back because her “belly” separates the front lower section from the rest of her body.

Her ears, horns, and nose all have the same shade of pink on the inside, which is lighter than her base hue and is her lightest tone overall.

Both of her eyes are closed in a rainbow arc, with two short, curled eyelashes protruding from the outermost corner of each eye. Her stomach is patterned with little darker pink “spots” over the same light pink as her horns, etc., and features an embroidered strawberry in the lower right corner.

On the rear, opposite the bottom “spot,” she has another embroidered strawberry similar to this one, and her tail has a tip of fluffy hair in the same shade of pink as those solid-colored “spots.”

Calynda Features

Like every other cow sqwishmallow, Calynda the cow also has some distingushing features. They include

Squishmallow Family

Calynda the cow squishmallow is a member of the cow plush group.


Calynda the Cow Squishmallow is a pink-colored squishmallow. 


Just like many squishmallows in the cow squish family, the Calynda is only produced in a single medium size, or inch, known as:

  • 12-inch Calynda Squishmallow


Calynda is one of the newest released squishmallows, having been luanched in 2021.

8. Candess Squishmallow

8. Candess Squishmallow

Candess is a plush soft toy that is very beautiful and loved by everyone who comes across her. This adorable and charitable squishy is all you need to give your room and collection box another great look.

Candess the Cow is a squishmallow that is white and rainbow in color. She is mostly loved for her multi-colored appearance.

Short Biography of Candess

Let me introduce you to Candess. She is a firm believer in natural and holistic therapies and enjoys assisting people with their mental and physical healing.

Candess is now going to school to learn about nutrition and anatomy so that she can start her own holistic clinic.

Candess Physical Appearance

Candess is predominantly white, with patches of tie-dyed pastel rainbow hues on her lower left side and on her right ear, which are a little more vibrant.

Her horns are tiny and golden, and her eyes are round and black. Her snout is pink, and her nostrils are somewhat darker.

Features of Candess:

Here are the few distinguishing features of Candess, the cow squishamallow.

Squishmallow Family

Candess the cow is a member of the giant cow squish family, or class.


Candess squishmallow is a white and rainbow tie-dye super plush toy.


Candess is available in two stackable sizes, including small, medium, and large Candess. They are 

  1. 8-inch Candess sqishmallow
  2. 12-inch Candess squishmallow


Candess was released on August 5, 2021.

9. Claire Squishmallow

9. Claire Squishmallow

The Claire squishmallow is another wonderful soft plush toy that you will want to know about. Though not very popular like the Connor squishmallow, it is one of the softest plush ever produced.

Claire the Cow is a squishmallow that you can simply describe as a purple and white squishmallow plush toy.

Claire’s Short Biography

Claire enjoys a variety of activities, including picking clover, watching the sunrise, and eating bananas on toast. Every morning, she is up bright and early to assist her family with household tasks.

Claire’s Physical Appearance

Claire is largely white, with a few spots of light purple on her lower left side and the inside of her right ear, which are the only colors she has. Her horns are tiny and pale golden, and her eyes are round and black.

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The inside of her ears, as well as the inside of her snout, are both a pale pink color. Her nostrils are also a mild shade of purple. Her tummy is embellished with a little blue flower and a huge pink blossom that have been embroidered on.

Claire Squishmallow’s Feature

Below are the major characteristics of Claire the cow squishmallow.

Squish Family

Claire belongs to the Squishmallow family, and is one of the most sought-after plush toys in the family.


Claire squishmallow is a purple and white squishable plush toy.


Claire is only available in a medium-sized stackable size, which is known as Claire’s Squishmallows, 12-inch


Claire was launched in 2020.

10. Clover Squishmallow

10. Clover Squishmallow

It is only at Shop Cows that you may find Clover the Bull, a squishmallow that is simply referred to as a bull. He is only available in black and white.

Despite the fact that Clover is a relatively new squishmallow character, it has taken the market by storm, and everyone is now searching for it to buy it. Because of the high demand for Clover the cow, the price soared.

Clovers’ Short Biography

Clover is a new character in the game! Your cuddly, squishy, and udderly cute bull buddy from the province of Prince Edward Island has arrived at your doorstep!!

After a long day of work, Clover likes watching MOOvies in his warm and comfy COWzy bed and offering bear hugs to his friends before retiring for the night.

Clovers’ Physical Appearance

With specks of black on its lower left side and on its right ear, Clover is primarily white with some black on its face and on its ears. It bears a little black spot on the lower left side of its body. Its horns are small and pale yellow in color, and its eyes are round and black in shape.

Each of their ears, as well as the squarish form of their muzzle, is painted a vibrant shade of pink on the inside. There is a little white dot on the inside of their left nostril, which is a sign of infection.

Features of Clover Squishmallow

Let us take a look into some of the major features of Clover squishmallow. These features include

Squish Family

Clover the bull belongs to the influential and popular cow plush family.


Clover squishmallow is a black and white colored soft plush toy.


Clover is available in three sizes, which include small, medium, and big. Such as

  • Clover squishmallow 3.5-inch”,
  • Clover squishmallow 7-inch”,
  • Clover squishmallow 12-inch”

11. Colin Squishmallow

Colin squishmallow

Colin the Cow is one of the few plush toys available exclusively at Walgreens.Colin the Cow squishmallow is only produced in black and white. You can either get any of the colors or both.

In addition, Colins as a Walgreens exclusive is an indication that you will get this squish at an affordable price and also from the original production.

Colin’s Short Biography

Prepare yourself with a yoga mat and a set of weights, because class is about to begin. Colin is a barre instructor, and he offers one of the most enjoyable barre courses in the area.

He has the lights turned up and the music playing, making his class feel like a big party. The need to dance will overcome you no matter how exhausted you are!

Colin’s Physical Appearance

Colin is a mostly white cow with a pattern of black splotches on his back and flanks. His horns are short and trapezoidal in shape, and his eyes are round and black.

His left ear has a pink inner liner, whereas her right ear has a white inner liner. The inside of his ears, as well as the inside of his snout, are both a pale pink color.

Features of Colin Squishmallow

Below are some of the features of Colin’s Squishmallow. They include

Squish Family

Colins the cow is a member of the influencer cow plush toy family.


Colin the cow is a squishmallow that is black and white in color.


Colin the cow is available in two sizes, which are small and large.

  •  5-inch Colin squishmallow
  • 16-inch Colin’squishmallow


Colin was launched on September 7, 2021.

12. Connor Squishmallow

 12. Connor Squishmallow

If you want to buy one of the most beautiful and adorable squishmallow characters in the squish collection  ever released, then go get Connor the Cow

Connor the Cow is a squishy marshmallow that is black and white in color and is an awesome plush you must buy. The Connor squishmallow is said to be the most beautiful plush.

Connor’s Short Biography

Moving forward is essential because Connor is waiting for you at the finish line! Connor is an exceptional athlete!

You’ll be able to see him riding his bike almost anywhere! In his opinion, where is the coolest spot he’s ever visited? Cowlifornia!

Connor’s Physical Appearance

In addition to areas of black on his lower left side and on his right ear, Connor is mostly white. His horns are tiny and pale golden, and his eyes are round and black.

The inside of his ears, as well as the inside of his snout, are both a pale pink color.

Features of Connor the Cow

As one of the most desirable squishmallows in the Cow family, one may ask what made Connor unique that warranted the high demand. Well, here are those unique features of Connor:

Squish Family

Connor the Cow Squishmallow is a member of the powerful and adorable soft cow family of squishmallows.


Connor squishmallow is a predominantly black and white plushie with pink nostrils. Round black eyes and a patch of pink in his ears.


The only squishmallow with virtually all sizes is Connor the cow. With seven sizes ranging from small to large, below are the sizes of Connor you can get

  1. Connor the cow 2-incg”, (small for little children)
  2. Connor the cow 3.5-inch”,(  small size for children) 
  3. Connor the cow 5-inch”
  4. Connor the cow 7-inch “
  5. Connor the cow 8-inch “
  6. Connor the cow 12-inch “
  7. Connor the cow 16-inch “

13. Drella Squishmallow

13. Drella Squishmallow

I refer to her as an antagonist, while others see her as a protergonist. Drella and her younger sister Marina enjoy opposing each other.

Drella the Cow is a brown and white Hug Mee awesome plush toy. She and Drella the dog share the same name.

Drella’s Short Biography

Drella and her sister Marina are diametrically opposed to one another. Marina prefers to play outside, whilst Drella prefers to remain inside and watch television or play video games. In Drella’s opinion, the best part of springtime is the wet days.

Drella Physical Appearance

Drella is primarily white with patches of dark brown on her lower right side, her lower left side, over her right eye, and the back of her right ear. Drella’s coat is mostly white with spots of dark brown on her lower right side, her lower left side, over her right eye, and the back of her right ear.

Her horns are tiny and pale golden, and her eyes are round and black. Her snout is white, and her nostrils are dark brown.

Her hooves are dark brown, and she has a white tail with a dark brown tip on it. Large pink flowers and small blue flowers have been embroidered on her belly. This is how her belly looks like now

She has a few light brown patches on her 2021 version of the dress. She has a pink muzzle with pink nostrils, and on her stomach is a bright Easter egg that has been hand-sewn on.

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Features of Drella the Cow

Let us see the major characteristics of Drellar squishmallow.

Squish Family

Drella is an extremely soft and plush cow of the squishmallow family.


Just like most cow families, Drella is a brown and white squishmallow.


Drella the cow is only available in one size, which is 16 inch large size, thus we have

  • 16-inch Drella Squishmallow


Drella the cow squishmallow was launched in 2020

14. Evangelica Squishmallow

14. Evangelica Squishmallow

 This newly launched cow squishmallow is adored for her passion for little animals and pets. She loves animals and constantly takes care of them. 

Indeed, the Evangelica squishmallow is one of the softest squishmallows on the market, which you will not find in any other squishmallow.

Evangelica the Cow is a pink and white Squishmallow from the adorable and loving Valentine Squad, and she is a member of the Valentine Squad.

Evangelica’s Short Biography

Evangelica is a newcomer to the scene. She is a passionate animal lover who has a special soft spot for animals in need of care. She is employed at a rescue farm where she is responsible for the care of a variety of animals.

She prepares meals for them and even reads them stories at night to keep them entertained. Would you be interested in working with her as a volunteer?

Evangelica’s Physical Appearance

In Evangelica’s case, the majority of her body is white with pink splotches. Her horns are short and trapezoidal in shape, and her eyes are round and black.

She has a white ear on her left side and a pink ear on her right side. Her snout is pale pink, and her nostrils are heart-shaped and hot pink in color.

Features of Evangelica Squishmallow

Evangelica is a unique squishmallow with awesome characteristics as outlined below.

Squishy-Type Evangelica

The cow, just as the name implies, is a squishmallow cow.


Like most cow-type squishmallows, Evangelica squishmallow is a pink and white plush toy.

Squish Squad

Evangelica is a member of the adorable and loving Valentine squad.


The beautiful Evangelica is produced in just one size, which is the:

  • Evangelica squishmallow 11-inch.

Release Date

Evangelica was first launched on July 26, 2021.

15. Kalina Squishmallow

15. Kalina Squishmallow

An adorable party planner and a beautiful soft plush is what I will describe Kalina as. If what you want is a super soft plush, then squishmallow Kalina in the plush is for you.

Kalina the Cow is a squishmallow that is pink, purple, and white in color. Kalina is not only one of Janathan Kelly’s softest squishmallows, but she is also one of the cutest.

Kalina’s Short Biography

Are you ready to have a good time? Kalina the cow is available to assist you. This brightly colored cow enjoys blending colors, creating creative forms, and working her magic with vintage-inspired elements.

So put on your go-go boots and get ready for a night of mod fun!

Kalina’s Physical Appearance

With the exception of areas of pink and purple tie-dye on her lower left side and right ear, Kalina’s coloring is predominantly white.

Her horns are tiny and pale pink, and her eyes are round and black. Her snout is pale pink, and her nostrils are a deeper pink.

Features of Kalina Squishmallow

Now let us dive into the distinguishing characteristics of this cute cow squishmallow toy. Some of the striking features are:

Squish Family

The Kalina squishmallow belongs to, or rather, is a member of, the giant cow squishmallow


As earlier mentioned, Kalina is a multi-colored squish. Kalina’s colors are pink, purple, and white.


Kalina is one of the rare squishmallows with a single large size, so simply put, Kalina is only produced in one size called

“Kalina squishmallo 14-inch”.

Squish Date

Kalina the cow squishmallow was launched on May 28, 2021.


Cow Squishmallow: 7 Facts You Should Know

Due to the proliferation of different brands of squishmallows on most grocery shelves across the United States,

It is important you know the brand of the squishmallow you want to buy.

We have spotted six things you must put into consideration before buying the cow squishmallow. They include

1. Production Materials

The most important feature you want to look out for in a squishmallow before you buy it is the material used in its production.

Yes, you don’t want to buy some freaky fake material that will pull within months of purchase. 

So one of the most super features of the Kelly toy product line of squishmallows is the polyester fibers used in the production of the toy.

Please whenever you want to buy a cow squiushmallow, check the description to be sure its is filled with polyester fibers

If you check and the description says otherwise, don’t buy it because it be fake, we highly recommend Kellytoy cow squishmallows.

KellyToys are superb in terms of materials used for their production. Check them out on Amazon 

2. The Size

Cow squishmallows are produced in different sizes and styles for the convenience of everyone and to meet the demand of everyone who desires them. 

Squish is manufactured in inches, which ranges from 3.5 inches to 24 inches for mega or giant sized squishmallows, although the giant ones are rare.

Again, make sure to cross check to be sure that the store has the exact size you need before you place your order.

Cow squishmallows are in high demand and most of the retailers don’t have all the sizes in stock.

3. Colors of Squishmallow Cow

What are the colors of cow squishmallows? just like the size and price of these highly sorted toys. The cow squishmallows are also produced in different colors.

The reason behind the variety of colors is that different people have different preferences for colors.

The most popular and common colors of cow squishmalow toys are: 

  1. Brown color cow squish,
  2. Blue cow squishmallow,
  3. Pink cow squishmallow.

4. Squishmallow Toys Prices

Cow squishmallows are not too pricey, they are very affordable. Prices range from $5.99 to $50 depending on the size and variant of the squish. 

For example the 8 Inch Ronnie Cow Squishmallows is sold for $49.99, 14 Inch Nightingale The Cow squishmallow is sold for $89.99, 14Inch Kalina Cow squishmallow is sold for $49.99. Yo c

5. Where Can You Buy Squishmallows? (Squishmallows near me)

If you’re interested in getting in on the cow squishmallow, the good news is that they’re available everywhere, from large shops to little neighborhood shops and stores.

The bad news is that their collectibility has made them very sought after, making them difficult to locate. Simply search Google for ” cow squish-mallow hunting” and you’ll discover lots of information on the toy.

To buy squishmallows online, visit any of the following U.S. retailers and purchase Squishmallow character of your choice:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walgreens
  3. Walmart
  4. Costco
  5. Target
  6. Toynk
  7. Claire;s

 Please see below the list of top U.S retail stores where you can buy Squishmallow.

6. How to Wash Cow Squishmallows

You often move around with the plushy soft toy. You regularly touch the squish, cuddle the squish, and even sleep with the squish.

So it is expected that the squish will get dirty with the passage of time. In this post, we will be discussing the various ways you should care for your squishy mallow.

Please kindly go over how to clean a squishmallow and how to wash a squishmallow step by step. To learn how to wash the squish

7. Return Procedures and Packaging

It’s important you know about the return policies of the marchants that sell squishy marshmallows.

So if for any reason you don’t like the toy, or maybe the description is different from what you see, Then you can easily ask for a refund.

For that reason, we recommend you make all your purchases on Amazon.

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