Connor The Cow Squishmallow: 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Connor the cow squishmallow is primarily a white plush toy with patches of black on its lower left and right side of its ears.

This cow squishmallow, is a super plush toy that was made to fill your heart. In fact, Connor the cow is a loveable toy for everyone.

About Connor’s Cow Squishmallow

Connor The Cow Squishmallow

Connor Cow A Squishmallow is primarily a white-colored plush toy, and in most cases, spotted with black patches around the ears.

Connor The cow naturally has a tiny light yellow horn that is smaller than the normal cow. Its eyes are big and black.

Generally, Connor Squishmallows have inner mozzled ears and are pink in color. I can’t figure out why the manufacturer settled for such a design.

OK, enough about this plush toy Connor cow description.

Connor Cow Squishmallow: 7 Facts You Should Know

Before you buy this super plush toy, I would encourage you to squeeze out a few minutes and check out these things.

Knowing about these things will guide your purchase as well as expand your horizons of knowledge about the doll.

What is this thing you should check for in the Connor cow Squishmallow? They are listed below for you.

Please make sure you read this post to the end to avoid buying a fake stuffed marshmallow.

For the original Squishmallows, we recommend KellyToy plush products. They sell original stuffed marshmallows that can’t be compared to others.

1. The Manufacturing Material

The first thing you should consider before buying this super plush toy is the fabrics used for the production.

Read the product description and ensure that the toy production material is boldly written to be polyester fabric.

We recommend the KellyToy brand of Connor the Cow Squishmallow for durable fabrics.

2. The Connor Cow’s Size

Another feature of the Connor cow Squishmallow you should be acquainted with is the size of the toy.

The Connor cow is mostly produced in two sizes, i.e., the 8-inch Connor, the 12 inch Connor, and the 14-inch Connor. So if you are planning to buy anything higher, then rethink it.

There may be a bigger inch of Connor Squishmallow produced in the future due to demand, but for now, that’s what you can buy.

3. Product Branding

There is more than one brand of Connor the Cow Squishmallow on the market that you can buy. Some of the popular brands in the US include:

  • KellyToy
  • Costco
  • Target, etc

Again, we highly recommend the KellyToy brand of the Connor cow.

four. Connor Prices

You may be wondering, how much does this soft, plush Squishmallow cost? Well, the Connor Cow Squishmallow is a bit pricey, but also affordable.

In case you don’t know the prices of the different inches of this plush toy,

Below are the prices of the Squishmallow Connor cow soft toy in some retail stores across the US.

At Walmart, the 12 inch Connor cow Squishmallow is $49.99.

The 8-inch Squishmallow Connor cow at Owl & Goose Gifts is $12.99.

5. Connor the cow’s colors

Primarily, Connors are white with black patches on their two ears. But recently, Kelly Toys produced two additional colors.

The Connor cow has a pink wild mound, two pale yellow horns on its head, and big black eyes.

A Connor cow Squishmallow with the description above may be a fake stuffed Connor and should be avoided.

Where to buy Squishmallow Connor the cow

Connor Squishmallows are scarce and not readily available in all the top retailers across the United States.

However, you can still find them in a few brick stores in your neighborhood if you do a thorough search.

Four top retailers where you can buy Connor Squishmallow online are

  1. Walmart
  2. eBay
  3. Amazon
  4. Owl and Goose Gifts

See the comprehensive guide on where to buy squishmallows online and offline

7. How do you wash Connor the cow?

Connoris is a machine washable plush toy, and therefore can be washed using the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Secondly, you can also clean Connor with wet stain removal. To clean a minor stain on the Squishmallow Connor the cow.

To clean the dirt, gently rub the stain removal on the dirty spot of the Connor.

See the step-by-step guide on how to wash Squishmallow


This article is a proactive measure by Denton Wesley Squish Club to educate our readers and the general public.

These are the things they should know before they buy the plushy Connor the Cow Squishmallow, and avoid buying fake stuffed Squishmallows.

We would like to hear from you and your views about Connor the cow in the comment box.

Connor’s hair is mostly white, with patches of black on his lower left side and on his right ear.

He has small, pale yellow horns and round black eyes. The inside of his ears and his muzzle are both light pink.

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