Brown Cow Squishmallow: 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying

The Brown Cow Squishmallow is the softest plush toy among the cow squishmallow variants of the official Kellytoys squish brand.

It is the brown color of the cow squishmallows. The brown-colored squishmallow is not readily available like the default or regular white or black cow squishmallow.

About the Brown Cow Squishmallow

Brown Cow Squishmallow

The brown cow squishmallow is not really different from the blue cow squishmallow. except for the color, which is brown.

The brown cow is believed to be one of the softest plush toys from the official Kellytoys Squishmallow squad.

Not too many people like the brown color, and as such, its production is not in quantum like the regular cow squish.

But recent trends have shown that the demand for the brown color of cow squishmallow has risen, and more people want to get this color of squish.

Brown-Color Cow Squishmallow: 7 Facts to Know About It

The aim of this post is to guide you before and after you buy this awesome, soft, plush squishmallow.

Many a time, people make purchases of so many things in ignorance of what they later regret.

The essence of this post is to keep you abreast with everything you need to know about the super plush toy known as Squishmallow.

This will guide you to making the right choice for the brown cow squishmallow you’re about to buy or that you will buy later.

1. The Manufacturing Material

Before you buy this awesome plush toy, you have to know that it was produced with original fabrics.

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Some people who bought the brown cow squishmallow complained about the fake stuffed brown squish and all that.

For this reason, we want to let you know what you should check out in every squishmallow you buy as regards the fabrics used for its production.

Before you buy the brown-colored cow squishmallow, always check within the product description to be sure the toy is produced with original fabrics.

We recommend you buy the KellyToys brand of the brown cow squishmallow for the original stuffed squishmallow.

2. The Size of the Brown Cow Squishmallow

The most commonly produced sizes of brown-colored cow squishmallows are the 12 inch brown squish and the 14 inch brown squish.

So, if the size you want to buy differs from the two sizes listed above, you must place a pre-order to reserve your preferred size.

Or have the company make a custom size for you.

3. Brown Cow Squishmallow Price

The price of this color of cow squishmallow is not fixed or regular in all stores.

But you can expect a price range from $14.99-$60.

Again, the price of this super plush is size dependent.

4. Product Brand

The brand of your squishmallow is very important, because you wouldn’t want a brand that is not durable or a freaky fake brand.

Currently, the best brand of brown-colored cow squishmallow is the Kellytoys Squishmallow.

So if you’re ready to buy this Squishmallow, we highly recommend you go ahead and purchase the Kellytoys brand.

Our recommendations are based on research, experience, and public opinion on the usage of this company’s brand.

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5. Policy on Packaging, Shipping, and Returns

The packaging of the item you ordered online before delivery is another aspect of the purchase that you need to consider.

For professional parcel packaging for delivery, we again recommend Kellytoys products.

Secondly, when you buy from Kellytoys official squishmallow, either on Amazon or Walmart, you will be sure of receiving your item within 1-2 working days if you’re a US resident.

However, if you live outside of the United States, your item(s) will arrive within 3–7 business days.

Finally, the return policy: if you receive any Kellytoys squishmallow toys from any of the online stores and you don’t like them, you can return them.

Kindly request a refund within fifteen days of receipt and you will be refunded 100% of your money.

6. Where Can I Purchase Brown Cow Squishmallow Online?

The brown-colored cow squishmallow can be purchased at the following online retailers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. eBay

You can buy the brown cow squishmallow from any of your favorite online retailers listed above. However, we recommend the Amazon store.

Feel free to buy from your choice of retailer, but always look for the Kellytoys squish brand.

See our guide on where you can buy Squishmallows online and offline.

7. Washing Brown Cow Squishmallow

The brown cow squishmallow is a machine washable toy and can be washed in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

It can be cleaned with stain removal if it gets a minor stain.

See our complete guide on how to wash squishmallow and clean the squishmallow.

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This super plush toy was produced to fill your heart with joy and give you comfort.

I hope this guide will help you make the right decision on your brown cow squishmallow purchase.

Please kindly share your opinion with us on this squashmallow. I’m waiting for your comments.

Thank you for your time.

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