Blue Cow Squishmallow: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Blue Cow Squishmallow is a versatile and super soft plush toy that was designed to fill your heart with joy and give you comfort and companionship.

The Squishmallow blue cow is the blue-colored variant of the original cow Squishmallow, but with a blue color.

The demand for this blue-colored plush toy was noticed during the Easter period when the search for the keyword “blue cow Squishmallow Easter” rose to over 4K monthly searches.

About Blue Cow Squishmallows

Blue Cow Squishmallow

The official KellyToy Squishmallow blue cow has two rounded black eyes, blue ears, and a primarily blue body.

The blue cow Squishmallo has the same features as the regular cow Squishmallow but only differs in terms of color.

7 Things You Should Know About Squishmallow Blue Cow

The essence of this post is to guide our readers and the general public, especially our US audience, on the things they should know about this plush toy.

Because a few people have complained about not being able to buy the original blue cow squishmallow, we’re making this post.

These points should be thoroughly checked before you buy this toy.

The Production Material

The first and most important feature to look out for before buying any kind of squishmallow is the material used for the production.

You don’t want a fake stuffed squishmallow and, for this reason, you should always make sure that the squishmallow you want to buy is produced with original polyester fabric.

Now, the big problem is: how do you spot a fake polyester fabric?

To be honest, detecting a fake fabric may be difficult if you are not an expert in the field.

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Because of this, we always recommend the KellyToy brand of squishy marshmallow to our audience.

Kellytoy squishmallows have proven to be the only original plush toys across the US.

We highly recommend that you buy Kellytoy blue cow squishmallow to be sure that you’re buying the original squishmallow.

At the same time, they feel the originality of perfectly stuffed squishmallow toys.

The Size

Before you buy this soft plush toy, it’s very important to know the sizes in which the blue cow squishmallow is produced.

The blue cow squish is available in all sizes, or inches, except for the giant size.

The giant cow squishmallow is available only in the default color.

The Price of a Squishy Blue Cow

The blue squish is rare and not very popular among the cow squishmallow family, hence it is a bit scarce but not very pricey.

The blue cow squishmallow is sold within the range of $24.99–49.99 depending on the inch that you want to buy.

Most sizes of this squish are produced for children aged 3 and above.

So, if your children are blue-obsessed, the blue cow is a perfect match for you or your children.

4. Product Brand

There are a few other brands of squishy marshmallows that have been listed by different retailers across the United States.

Also, you can see these different brands on most brick wall shelves.

However, among these different blue cow squshmallows, only one brand has remained at the top of our recommendation.

We highly recommend the Kellytoy brand of squishmallow for you because it has the best quality and is well stuffed with original polyester fabrics.

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You will enjoy this fun and fantastically plush toy from the Kellytoy company.

5. Shipping and Packaging

I have read a lot of reviews by unsatisfied customers on Amazon and other retail stores complaining of poor packaging.

I took time to study these negative reviews online, and none of the unsatisfied customers bought from the KellyToy store.

Some even complained of some kind of delay in getting their orders.

This is another reason we recommend the KellyToy brand of squishmallows to you.

For professional parcel packaging and fast delivery of your order, think KellyToy.

6. Where to Buy Blue Cow Squishmallow

You can buy the blue cow squshmallow from the following online retailers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Esty
  3. Walmart
  4. eBay

Any of these online stores will do fine for making your purchase. But Amazon is the most preferred.

You can see our guide on where you can buy squishmallows.

7. How to Wash Blue Cow Squishmallow

Just like every other squishmallow, the blue cow squishmallow is a machine washable toy.

So you can wash it when it gets dirty with your machine wash.

To wash Blue Cow Squishmallow, please kindly follow our step-by-step guide on how to wash Squishmallow.

You will also be shown how to clean a minor stain on a squashmallow.


The versatile Blue Cow Squishmallow is designed to give you comfort and fill your heart with joy.

We hope this post will serve as a guide for you as you prepare to buy this softest plush toy.

We’d like to hear from you in the comments box below. Please share with us your thoughts and opinions on this sweat squished character.

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