Belozi Squishmallow: 4 Things You Should Know Before Buying

.Belozi the Cow is a rainbow squishmallow that is only available at Five Below. So, by implication, you can only buy this adorable plush toy at Five Below retail stores across the United States.

Belozi squishmallow is an adorable plush toy with a beautiful rainbow color design. It is one of the 13 squishmallows that are exclusive to Five Below.

This post will walk you through everything you will want to know about the Belozi squishmallow. So we look at the major features of this plush toy, where you can buy the original Belozi squishmallow, as well as how you can wash the squishmallow when it gets dirty or clean it for a minor stain.

Belozis’s Short Biography

Belozi Squishmallow

Belozi is a person you should get to know. This stylish dresser enjoys being noticed, sometimes because of his good looks, and other times because of his generosity.

Belozi lives by two basic rules: always put your best foot forward and always treat others with respect, no matter what.

Belozis’ Physical Appearance

Belozi is a white and rainbow cow squishmallow with a white and rainbow rump and tail.

In bands of pastel rainbow stripes, he has painted his right ear, around his left eye, and all the way around his stomach.His horns are a vibrant azure color, and his eyes are round and black.

He is dressed in a bow tie that matches the color of his horns. Both the inside of his ears and the inside of his muzzle have a peach pink color.


There are a few unique features of the squishmallow belozi that I will briefly explain here.

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Squishmallow class

Belozi the Cow Squishmallow belongs to the cow squish family.


Belozi is a rainbow-colored squishmallow with a combination of multiple colors, with white as the dominating color.


Belozi is one of the few squ8shmallows that were produced in a single size or inch. So we only have the Belozi squishmallow.8-inch


Belozi was first released on November 28, 2021, making it among the newest squishmallows to buy.


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