Archie Squishmallow: 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Archie the axolotl squishmallow is a beautiful pink squish that was released in 2019. Archie belongs to the Axolotl class of squishmallows.

Archie the axolotl is shy, but highly talented and communicates fluently with his hands.

He enjoyed playing football, so to buttress his soccer game, he formed a soccer club for himself and fellow squishmallows. to play and learn more about the game.

Archie has a dream of playing in the squishmallow cut someday and being watched by everyone.

About Archie Squishmallow

Archie Squishmallow

Archie the axolotl is a pale pink-colored axolotl in the squishmallow class. He also has a bright grill on both sides of his head.

Archie also has a flat white belly and tiny arms. Like every other squishmallow out there, Archie has big black round eyes sitting on his head.

Archie Color

Archie is a pink-colored squishmallow with other color variations in his body, e.g., his belly, which is white, his eyes, which are black, etc.

Type of squishmallow

Archie belongs to the Axolotl class of squishmallows.

Archie Sizes

Archie, the axolotl squishmallow, comes in five (5) different sizes.

  1. 2-inch Archie”
  2. 3.5-inch Archie “
  3. 7-inch Archie “
  4. “8-inch Archie “
  5. Archie 12-inch

Release Date

Archie the axolotl squishmallow was released in 2019.


5 Essential Factors of Archie Squishmallow You Should Know Before Buying It

Before you go ahead and place your order, you need to pay attention to these five important aspects of the Archie the Axolotl Squishmallow.

When it comes to squishmallows, we discovered that many people get it wrong here.

Please keep these five basic points in mind before purchasing the Axolotl.

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1. The Manufacturing Material

The first thing you need to check is the production material. Please ensure that the Archie you’re about to buy is originally stuffed.

Many axolotls on the market today are fake and poorly stuffed, so they will totally lose their shape after the first wash.

A well-stuffed squishmallow is one stuffed with polyester fabric, so you have to make sure the Archie you’re about to buy is stuffed with the original polyester fabric.

Although being able to detect this can pose a herculean task to the buyer if you’re not an expert or experienced squishmallow user.

To simplify this process, we have done all the research on behalf of our readers and come up with a brand that matches the whole set of requirements.

In light of that, we strongly recommend the Kelly toy brand of Archie Squishmallow for you.

The Kelly toy squishmallow brand is the best squishmallow on the market that’s originally stuffed with polyester fabric.

2: What Brand of Archie Should You Buy?

Though we have mentioned this briefly above, because of its importance, we need to stress the point more.

There are different brands of squishmallow Axolotl that you can buy, but only a few have stood the test of time with their original stuffed squishmallow.

Since the launch of squishmallow in 2017 by KellyToys, the brand has remained the best squishmallow money can buy across Europe, America, and Australia.

Again, we highly recommend the brand of this plush for you to buy.

3. Return And Delivery Procedures

Another important factor to consider before purchasing Archie the axolotl is the return policy of the merchant from whom you are purchasing.

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This is because the item delivered to you may not meet the specifications in the description, and you want to return it to get a full refund.

Please endeavor to check for this before you place your order for this super plush, soft squishmallow.

Again, Kelly Toys still stands out with the most customer-centric return policy.

Finally, you have to check the delivery duration before you buy. Make sure the retailer delivers within 1-2 days for customers in the United States.

And it takes 4–7 days for customers outside the United States. Yes, you don’t want to wait long to get your delivery.

4. Where Can I Buy Archie Squishmallows Near Me?

Yes, it is very important to keep abreast with the online retailers and brick-and-mortar retailers that sell the Axolotl Archie Squishmallow.

You can buy Archie Squishmallow from any of the following online retailers:

  2. Walmart Walmart

For a detailed guide on where to buy squishmallows in all categories, please see Where to Buy Squishmallows.

5. How Do You Clean an Axolotl Squishmallow Called “Archie”?

After you have purchased the squishmallow, it is certain that, with the passage of time, the squishmallow will get dirty.

And when this happens, you will want to wash it, right? OK, we understand this and we would also like to guide you on how to wash the squishmallow.

To wash the squishmallow, you will need the following items:

  • A washing machine
  • The pillowcase
  • A detergent
  • A Dryer

When you get all these items ready, then go to how to wash squishmallow for a step-by-step guide on how to wash squishmallow.

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The tutorials are well written with pictures and explain how you can wash the squishmallow without losing its shape.

as well as how to remove minor stains from the squishmallow.


Archie Squishmallow is not deaf but doesn’t talk, demonstrate, or talk with his hands. This squishy marshmallow is just what you need.

I hope you have grabbed something from this post. If so, we would like to hear your opinion or experience with Archie the Axolotl Squishmallow in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time.

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